Retro Vintage Hairstyles Have Come Back

Are you bored with your look? Do you feel like you’ve had the same basic haircut for as long as you can remember? Maybe you want to change up your look, but don’t even know where to start.

It’s time to take some inspiration from vintage hairstyles.

Yes, some vintage hairstyles should stay in the past (let’s not bring back the beehive, please). Some, though, definitely have a place in modern society.

Keep reading for 10 vintage hairstyles that are making a comeback in 2021.

1. The Shag

10 Modern Vintage Hairstyles Making a Comeback, shag

The original shag haircut originates back to the 1970s.

Nowadays, all the cool girls on TikTok are giving themselves shag hairstyles. Many are doing this look at home by pulling their long hair into a high pony and then chopping off layers for a messy look.

Of course, if you don’t want to risk butchering your hair, a stylist could help you perfect your shag in the salon. 

2. Pin Curls

Pin curls are an old-fashioned, heatless hairstyle. The hairstyling technique started in the 1930s.

The style is achieved by twirling your damp hair and pinning it down with a bobby pin. After a few hours, you’ll have ringlets all over!

3. Old Hollywood Waves

There’s a reason why the old Hollywood waves of the 1940s red carpets keep coming back. Anyone styling their hair into shiny waves will look like one of the movie stars. 

Though many picture Hollywood waves with long hair and a side part, all hair lengths can take inspiration from the classic look. You can even wear your hair in a middle part. This is one of the best vintage hairstyles for long hair. 

4. 80s Volume

10 Modern Vintage Hairstyles Making a Comeback, 1980's

The 80s were eccentric. The clothing was loud and the hair was big.

While you don’t have to tease your hair until it’s completely knotted, you can add some volume to your look. Ask your hairstylist for some volumizing product recommendations.

5. The Mullet

The famous ‘business in the front, party in the back’ mullet; With many celebrities like Miley Cyrus bringing back the hairstyle, the mullet is now the cool trend of the 2020s. 

6. Curtain Bangs

Straight across bangs are not for everyone. If you want to experiment with bangs, try out the 60s style curtain bangs. These bangs aren’t as harsh as regular bangs, and you can easily brush them to the side. 

7. Short Bob

10 Modern Vintage Hairstyles Making a Comeback, short bob

If you have had long locks for years, it’s time to cut your hair to a bob. Many modern bobs are cut bluntly and sit right above the shoulders. 

8. French Twist

The french twist is elegant and still seems modern even though it rose to popularity decades ago. If you don’t want to use a million bobby pins putting your hair up, opt for a claw clip to hold your hair back. 

9. Faux Bob

Too scared to actually cut your hair? Then try out a faux bob!

A faux bob is a zero-risk way of trying out a short hairstyle. When done right, people will ask you if you got a haircut.

10. Finger Waves

10 Modern Vintage Hairstyles Making a Comeback, Finger Waves

For those with short hair, finger waves should be the next trend you try when seeking vintage haircuts for ladies. Finger waves add elegance to the hair. The style is basically the short hair equivalent to the Hollywood waves. 

Try Out One of These Vintage Hairstyles

Feeling adventurous and ready to try out one of these vintage hairstyles? You’re in luck!

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