Superfoods That Make Your Hair Grow Faster & Healthier

Most people want beautiful, voluminous healthy hair. However, we are not all born with the best hair genes, therefore, we must consider alternatives to help achieve the hair we long for.

Did you know hair grows roughly 0.5 inches per month and 6 inches per year? How fast it grows depends on dynamics like age, health, genetics, and diet. Although you can’t control factors like age, health, and genetics, diet is one thing you CAN control. Eating a destitute diet lacking the right nutrients can lead to hair loss. The best solution is to prevent it from happening by consuming a balanced diet with all the essential nutrients your hair will thrive on. 

Here are vital nutrients that promote healthy hair:

  • Biotin: A vitamin that is part of the B family that helps hair grow and become stronger.
  • Vitamin D: Helps stimulate hair follicles.
  • Vitamin E: Packed with antioxidants, it helps to reduce oxidative stress in the scalp.
  • Iron: An iron deficiency can cause hair loss
  • Vitamin C: Assists your body by helping in the absorption of iron, a well-known mineral essential to hair growth.

Superfoods That Contain These Essential Ingredients


Berries contain numerous antioxidants; they can help protect hair follicles against damage from harmful molecules such as free radicals. Free Radicals exist in the human body and the environment, We can’t hide from them, but we can protect ourselves from the damage they serve. Berries also have an abundance of vitamin C, which promotes collagen production, essential for healthier hair. 

Goji Berries 

Like traditional berries, goji berries have an abundance of antioxidants which make their consumption great for hair. They contain natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and have anti-inflammatory properties that are perfect for maintaining a healthy scalp. Their restorative properties are also known to aid in hair growth.

Acai Berries 

Acai berries, the superfood with the highest level of antioxidants compared to any other fruit in the world. They also boast magnesium, vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, B3, folic acid, and zinc. Vitamins A, C, E, and the B vitamins are necessary for healthy hair growth, whereas zinc helps keep your roots strong and your scalp healthy, which helps to minimize thinning hair.

Almond Butter 

Almond butter contains a wide variety of nutrients, including protein, healthy fats, and specific vitamins. The vitamin E content in almond nuts assists in keeping locks thick and radiant. 


Tangerines are great for your hair, loaded with vitamin C, which helps build collagen; this is crucial for hair growth. Tangerines are a good source of Vitamin B12 that reduces hair loss, promotes hair growth, and even slows down the graying process.


Spinach is a green vegetable filled with various nutrients that promote healthy hair growth. Its nutrients are iron, folate, vitamin C and vitamin A. Spinach is one of the plant-based sources of the recommended daily iron sources. When listing superfoods that stimulate hair growth, spinach rates at the top of the list.


Nuts are high in zinc and protein and are excellent for promoting healthy and smooth locks. Healthy and delicious nuts to add to your diet are walnuts, which are packed with omega-3 fatty acids and biotin, and Brazil nuts, which are high in selenium.


Avocado is a bountiful and excellent source of vitamin E which neutralizes free radicals, preventing dull lifeless hair and decreasing hair follicles. A study done in 2015 found that minerals in avocado oil, including magnesium and potassium, can seal cuticle cells, which can help hair look shinier and smoother and prevent it from breaking.

Chia Seeds 

Chia seeds include a large amount of phosphorus, A well-known ingredient that encourages hair growth. A building block of protein, l-lysine, promotes hair growth, and chia seeds offer an abundance of this. The seeds contain nine essential amino acids related to healthier hair, skin, and nails.


Eggs are one of the best superfoods. They are abundant in the vitamins that help to make hair resistant to damage. Vitamin E and A, biotin, and folate are found in eggs and are all key to healthy hair growth and overall healthy hair. Since the 11th-century, people have been using egg yolks to treat dry, damaged hair. Sulfur is a key element in egg yolks which is believed by many to help nourish hair roots by stimulating the scalp, which in turn, can reduce hair loss and promote new hair growth

Start on The Road to Optimum Hair Growth and Health

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