Different Types of Braids and Braided Hairstyles That Are Most Popular

If you’re searching for a new attractive hairstyle or going to a night out, special occasion, or event and want to look your best, you may like to try a braided hairstyle.

Braids and Braided hairstyles are unique, eye-catching, and popular. This article will look at the top ten types of braids and braided hairstyles.

10 types of braids and braided hairstyles

1. Chunky Cornrow Braids

Cornrows are very popular worldwide, especially amongst African American communities. Chunky cornrows look fantastic and are sometimes called ‘goddess braids.’ The great thing about chunky braids is that they’re not as time-consuming to put in and can quickly be removed.

This braid type is an excellent choice if you’d like to give your hair a break from styling for a while. Perhaps you’re planning a beach vacation and want to put your hair in braids, so you don’t have to worry about styling it every day. 

A Few Types of Braids With The Cornrow Braid Style

  • Big cornrow braids simply mean braiding in bigger plaits.
  • Fishbone braids involve weaving hair into little fishbones mixed in with larger braids.
  • Fulani braids originated from the Fula tribe in West Africa. A cornrow bead is made down the center of the head and weaved from the back. There can be one or two additional cornrow braids made on the sides with longer hair and another braid around the head.
  • Mix it up with half up and half down braids, beautiful for long hair.
  • Thick and thin braids are exactly what it says; mix both thick and thin braids to create a distinct pattern.
  • Natural hair mixed with Cornrow braids makes a statement by showing the beauty of your natural hair mixed with braids.
  • Side braids can provide a unique appearance. For a side-swept hairstyle, these braids start at the hairline and wrap upwards toward the head’s crown.

10 types of braids and braided hairstyles

2. French Braid

If you’re looking for a classic braided hairstyle that’s attractive and practical, the French braid is the answer. This type of braided hairstyle is made by gathering three sections of hair, braiding them together. You can start at the crown of the head and go to the nape of the neck.

With a bit of practice, the French braid can be mastered. It’s great for work or even working out as it can stay close to your head.

10 types of braids and braided hairstyles

3. Four Strand Braid

The four-strand braid is a slightly more challenging version of the simple three-strand braid (french braid) because you add an extra strand. There are several ways to create unique looks with a four-strand braid.

For long hair, ponytails can be made down the center back or down the side of your neck. You can also start the braid at the top of your head and bring it down the center back or side.

For medium to long hair, add a bit of creativity by using your natural hair and adding a four-strand braid mimicking a waterfall look.

Want an updo? This is an excellent choice. Make a headband of braids and accent into a full twisted bun of make two braids on each side of your head that come together in a low messy bun.

10 types of braids and braided hairstyles

4. Fishtail Braid

A fishtail braid will give you a fun look. Fishtail braids are best for medium to long locks. This hairstyle can be quite time-consuming to do yourself as you’ll need to take thin sections of hair and cross then from one side to the other. One of the most common fishtail braided hairstyles is the fishtail ponytail.

5. Milkmaid Braid

If you’re searching for a unique way to wear your hair up, you may like to try the milkmaid braid. It’s a straightforward yet attractive braided hairstyle. All you need to do is make a three-strand braid on one or both sides of your head, then wrap the braid or braids around your head and pin the end behind the ear on the opposite side.

6. Fishtail Milkmaid

If you’re looking for an eye-catching style, try the fishtail milkmaid braid, which can be braided in the same way as a fishtail and then wrapped around your head, resembling a headband. For a cute look, wrap around your head’s crown, near the face, and leave a few fun strands flowing down.

10 types of braids and braided hairstyles

7. Halo Braid

A halo braid is a French braid that circles the head and is best for medium length hair. To create this unique style, start your French braid near your ear, and work towards the opposite ear. You can then carry on back to the ear you started with if your hairs long enough. You can also create a bun or other braids on the top of your head.

This type of braid is beautiful for weddings and other special occasions.

10 types of braids and braided hairstyles

8. Lace Braid

A lace braid is simply a french braid that is positioned on one side of the head. Its a simple but different look. Part your hair down the center, pick a small section of hair near your face and then start braiding down one side.

9. Rope Braid

This type of braid uses two strands and is commonly classified as a twist braid. Two sections are individually twisted in the same direction than crossed in the opposite direction, one clockwise and one counterclockwise than tied at the end. Rope braids can be used in many different braided hairstyles such as milkmaid braids, ponytail braids, and more.

10 types of braids and braided hairstyles

10. Full Combo Braids

Now that you have viewed ten different types of braids and braided hairstyles, how would you like to have the full combo adding both dimension and volume as well? Try combining three strands or four strands and chunky fishtail pieces. Wrap around, leave long, even make an updo. A combination of braid styles can be mixed anyway you want.

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