Veil Types

While you don’t have to wear a veil at your wedding, a veil is a traditional piece for many brides. Veils are usually purchased at the same time you buy your wedding dress or after you have chosen your gown. This way you can be sure that the length and style will match.

Here are ten popular types of veils that will have you turning heads on your wedding day.


10 Veil Types for Your Bridal Style, Birdcage Veil

A birdcage veil is a very short veil that is usually constructed of thick, tough netting. The veil itself is short, sometimes only a few inches long and sometimes long enough to cover your whole face. It can be attached to a small hat, a barrette, a headband, or another type of headpiece.

This type of veil is most often seen with shorter wedding gowns but can also be used with a floor-length gown. It is a vintage style, especially when paired with a pillbox hat.


10 Veil Types for Your Bridal Style, Two-TierVeil

A two-tier veil includes two pieces of fabric and includes a blusher that is attached to a barrette or other headpiece. The blusher is an 18-36 inch long piece of the veil that goes in front of your face at the beginning of the ceremony. The person who has accompanied you down the aisle will put it over your head during the wedding so that it hangs behind you over the second piece of fabric.

You can have a two-tier veil with almost any veil length. It is a very traditional choice, especially if you choose to have your face revealed. Alternatively, you can start and end the ceremony with both pieces of the veil behind you.


10 Veil Types for Your Bridal Style, Drop Veil

A drop veil also includes a blusher, but it is attached differently. A drop veil is a very simple oval piece of tulle that is placed directly over your head and is not secured with a headpiece. Usually, a drop veil will be held in place with bobby pins or a barrette the same color as your hair so that it cannot be easily seen.

Barely There

10 Veil Types for Your Bridal Style, Barely There Veil

This is a very sheer, very light hint of a veil often chosen by brides who want a veil but don’t want to add bulk or volume or hide any details on the dress. It has raw edges with no lining and is usually secured on the back of the head with a clip or barrette.

Juliet Cap

Juliet Cap Wedding Veil

A Juliet cap veil is identified by a piece of fabric that goes around your head like a cap. These veils are usually elaborately decorated with an edge of lace. They often sit on top of the head like a drop veil, which is secured in a way that is not easily seen rather than with a barrette or headband. Sometimes the tulle may wrap around the head. This style is associated with the 1920s and 30s, making it an appropriate choice for an art deco or roaring 20s wedding.


10 Veil Types for Your Bridal Style, Embellished Veil

An embellished veil is more than just a sheer piece of fabric–it is decorated with elaborate embroidery, lace, flowers, or other decoration. Embellished veils are typically worn with gowns that are simple and traditional.


Veil Types, Waterfall, Angel-cut

This veil, also called an angel cut veil, features folds down the sides that create waves down the veil. This beautiful style completes the look of a two-tier veil without the bride having to deal with the blusher. It is a very traditional type of veil that adds interest to the back of your bridal ensemble.


Drape Wedding Veil

A drape veil is secured in 2 places on your head so that it creates a drape in the back at your neck, shoulders, or lower on your body. This is a very romantic and feminine option that can draw attention to detail on the back of your gown or to an open or low-cut back. Secure the veil with barrettes or on either side of a headband.


10 Veil Types for Your Bridal Style, Mantilla Veil

A mantilla veil is a veil heavily decorated with a thick line of lace around the edge. It is usually associated with a cathedral-length veil, a very long veil that features a train and is typically worn at formal weddings. Classic mantilla veils are made in Spain and are often seen in Spanish cultures.

Dupatta Scarf

Wedding Veil, Dupatta Scarf

A dupatta is an Indian-style veil. It will match the color of the bridal gown, which is colorful according to Indian tradition. A dupatta can be sheer, but it is usually made of a heavier fabric and decorated with sequins, tassels, crystals, and trim. Pin the dupatta onto your head with bobby pins.

Choosing Wedding Veil Types

There are many ways of wearing a bridal veil, and there are many lengths and styles to choose from. Carefully consider the silhouette and level of formality you want to achieve as well as the type of gown you will be wearing before deciding on a veil. Try on veils in several different styles and lengths before making a final choice, and you will look perfect on your big day.

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