The big day is soon to arrive! Your hair is as important as your makeup and dress.

Here are 12 terrific 2020 wedding hair trends for amazing bridal hair that will turn heads and thrill your partner when you walk down the aisle.


This season’s bridal runways saw twisted styles rather than the braids that have been popular for the past several years. There are many options for using twists, including buns, intricate up-dos, and half-up choices.

Long, Crimped Tresses

Crimping is back and showing on fashion-forward brides. Crimping irons can be used starting a few inches from your scalp to the ends. Part your hair in the center and let the length fall around your shoulders.

This is an excellent look for a bohemian or outdoor forest-inspired wedding.


Bangs are a fun and flirty style for a casual bride. Try a thick cut or wispy bangs depending on your personal preferences. Bangs are also great for bringing out your eyes.

Low Bun

This very sophisticated style is perfect for a traditional bride. The sculpted bun sits low on the neck, and a veil or other headpiece is often clipped to the top. This hairstyle complements bridal gowns with details around the neckline. It also helps make your neck look long and slim.

Natural Texture

This style goes with a broader wedding trend to include sustainable, natural details in your wedding. To follow this trend, forgo styling products and let your hair be itself. This is a beautiful approach to naturally curly hair or hair with a lot of texture.

Sprigs of Lavender

Purple is big for weddings right now, and tucking sprigs of lavender into your hair creates a romantic and dreamy look. It also smells fantastic. Be sure to have some extra lavender on hand for updating any sprigs that get dry during the big day.

Old-Fashioned Combs

Did your grandmother wear a pair of combs in her hair that swept back the sides or kept a bun in place? Hair combs in silver or adorned with pearls are beautiful retro details that match a vintage style. If you can borrow your grandmother’s, that’s even better.

Statement Headpieces

Large headpieces with plenty of shimmer and shine are being seen on brides with elaborately decorated gowns to match. Choose a hat, headband, or barrette that covers most of your head and makes a bold statement. You can add a veil or let the headpiece stand on its own.

60s Sleek

Let the 1960s influence your retro bridal look. Use gel to get a sleek look at the crown of your head and let the rest hang down in a flip or pull it into a twist in the back.

Ginger Hues

Are you thinking of going with a different hair color for your big day? Look no further than red. Go subtle with just a hint of red added to your natural shade, or dye your whole head a dramatic color. 

Pearls and Crystals

Ask your hairstylist about weaving, sewing, or gluing pearl and crystal accents into your hair for your wedding. The result can be sophisticated or edgy and looks incredible in pictures.

Sculpted Short

Super short styles are popular with modern brides. Slick back your hair with gel and create a wave or even a roll at the top if you like.

Your hair is going to get almost as much attention as your dress on the big day, so make sure you give it plenty of thought. Ask your stylists to try several different looks if you are having trouble making a decision, and see how each look matches your dress.

These 12, 2020 bridal hair trends will help to get you pointed in the right direction for choosing the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day.

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