Is a Comb Over Fade Haircut For You?

Are you looking for a new stylish haircut? If so, you have come to the right place. Below we will show you a haircut that is trending now and easy to do and maintain.

The Comb Over Fade, mainly adopted by bald or balding men, is styled in which the hair is grown and then combed over the balding area. However, not all men use the comb over fade to hide balding.

A variety of comb over hairstyles are side-part hairstyles, and a few do not incorporate that distinct part. Its popularity is attributed to the many styles it possesses.

The typical comb over fade haircut includes hair on top and decreases in length towards the neck and the sides. Styling is straightforward. With your hair dry, comb your hair forward. After finding your side part, comb the top of your hair into place while maintaining that part. You may want to add hair pomade back to front. Finalize the comb-over haircut by combing the front.

Here is a list of 15 comb over fade haircut ideas. After reviewing the list, if you seem a bit confused as to how to get the desired cut and look you want, feel free to contact The Public Image Salon. Our hairstylists can explain each in more detail and give you the best comb over fade cut based on your hair type and your facial structure and features.

1. Low Fade Comb Over

15 Comb Over Fade Haircut Ideas, low fade

In this particular low fade style, both the side and back is an extremely low fade with the defined part. The top appears to be smoothly combed into place while the fade begins lower to the ears. This comb over low fade is one of many comb over fade haircut ideas to come.

2. Mid Fade Comb Over

This comb over fade has a unique appearance in that the hair on the sides and the back are not completely short. With the established part, the hair next to it is mid-length but going back to its short character as it gets closer to the ears and neck. The mid fade comb over is definitely distinctive when it comes to both its mid-length and exceedingly faded aspect.

3. Skin Fade Comb Over

This comb over haircut is significant due to its inclusion of a piece of hair from the top that hangs down in front of the face. The back and sides are either shaved or super short. This particular style brings out the appearance of the hair on top.

4. Comb Over Fade With Beard

15 Comb Over Fade Haircut Ideas, Low Fade with Beard

Are you a man who loves his beard and will never get rid of it? No worries! This distinct comb over style allows the beard lovers to keep their macho beard appearance. With your clean-cut beard and your upstanding comb over fade haircut, you will definitely turn heads.

5. Comb Over Fade and Designs

15 Comb Over Fade Haircut Ideas, designs

You do not have to limit your haircut to only low fades and mid fades. You can also embellish your fade with a few designs. Intensify your style with a zig-zag line, stars, a basketball, or even several lines.

6. Comb Over Fade and V-Neckline

With the v-neckline fade, the complete short in the back does not apply. After creating the line and combing the top hair to the side, the back contains a V-shaped fade that points toward the neck. A couple additional v-shaped designs can also be applied under the v-shaped fade. Your options are unlimited.

7. Wavy Hair Comb Over

If you love your wavy hair, you can keep it with one of the comb over styles. This particular fade style adds the wavy hair on top, the beard, and the mustache. The sides and back can either be a low fade or a mid fade.

8. Movement and Flow Fade

Instead of the slick and smooth top, you can decide to have some movement on the top. Let the top hair go wild and move freely in any way you desire as an alternative to utilizing hair pomade for extra volume for your fade.

9. High Fade Comb Over

15 Comb Over Fade Haircut Ideas, High Fade

The high fade comb over gives an excellent contrast between thick hair on top and extra short sides and back. It is similar to the movement and flow fade in its thickness, but distinct in its stay-put style.

10. Pompadour Comb Over

15 Comb Over Fade Haircut Ideas, Pompadour

Add an extraordinary look to your comb over by putting a pomp in front with a low or mid fade hair opposite the part.

11. Rock Star Comb Over

15 Comb Over Fade Haircut Ideas, rockstar

If you are both a rock fan and appeal to a comb over hairstyle, satisfy your interests with this fade. Take your comb and brush from the part, moving the long hair in an upward direction. Finalize your new look with some drums!

12. Faux Hawk Fade

If you like the Mohawk design, the faux hawk fade is similar in appearance. Although a defined part cannot be seen, it is in the group of comb overs. With mid-length hair on the sides, it entails the tops hairs coming up in a Mohawk style.

13. Beard and Mustache Comb Over

15 Comb Over Fade Haircut Ideas, Beard & Mustache

Add some distinct facial features along with your comb over. Select any comb over style to go with your well-defined beard and mustache.

14. Classy Comb Over

15 Comb Over Fade Haircut Ideas, Classy

The saying, “Age is nothing but a number” holds true in this comb over style. Just because you are 70 years old does not mean you have to say “no” to the comb over haircut. This particular style shows that the “wise men” can also rock the comb overs.

15. African American Comb Over

This one goes to prove that the comb over style is not limited to one type of textured hair. Men with course hair can also participate in the comb over styles and help with its fashion trend.

Now that we have reviewed the varieties of comb over haircuts, the next step is choosing the right one that will suit your hair, face, and of course lifestyle. Remember that you are not restricted to one comb over haircut. You can make effective use of many of them. With that being said, which comb over fade haircut will you wear?

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