2023 Trendy Wolf Haircut Ideas

When celebrities like Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, and Miley Cyrus all have wolf haircuts, it’s safe to say it’s a stylish trend.

This unique haircut is known for its many choppy layers, fringe bangs, and messy-chic look. It can be described as the modern mash-up of a shag cut and a mullet.

Not every wolf cut is alike! This style is quite versatile, and you can try variations and dress it up or down. Instead of looking up “wolf haircut ideas 2023,” ask one of our stylists at Public Image Ltd the Salon.

We specialize in creating styles that are fashionable, adaptable, and personalized. We’re happy to recreate the hairstyle trends you’ve always wanted to try.

Read on to learn about some of the trendiest wolf haircut ideas you can try.

Wolf Haircut Ideas

1. Long Wolf Cut

A longer style might be a great starting point if you’re apprehensive about trying an extreme or edgy wolf cut. A long wolf haircut for women can quickly look sleeker and more stylish when cut and styled correctly.

As with all wolf cuts, this style features many layers but stands out among other variations for its chunky and choppy layers. This cut will give your look an edge while remaining soft enough to feel wearable on any occasion.

2. Shaggy Wolf Cut

This variation of the wolf cut carries heavy 70s vibes and looks great on all hair types.

This style, which can be worn long or short, features plenty of short layers at the top of your head that blend into long bangs. There are plenty of layers the rest of the way down your hair as well.

3. A Wolf Cut with Baby Bangs

Wolf cuts are all about shaping the frame of your face. The choppy layers are usually cut to flatter your face shape and highlight your features.

Baby bangs are a great way to amp up your favorite features, especially your eyes and eyebrows. Baby bangs also bring an unexpected twist to this already fun haircut.

5 Trendiest Wolf Haircut Ideas for Women in 2023

4. Wolf Cut Bob

The bob is one of the most classic and popular hairstyles. Mix it with a wolf cut, giving you a unique and modern look.

This medium wolf haircut combines the cute length of a bob and the nontraditional layers of a wolf cut.

5. A Mullet Wolf Cut

Lean into one-half of this haircut’s inspiration and try out this modern mullet. The mullet has long since graduated from being a cheesy 80s style to one seen as fierce, fresh, and fun.

A mullet wolf cut takes the traditional mullet look, tones it down, and brings a touch of glam. It’s a feminine, longer take on the haircut and looks great on all hair types.

6. Colorful Wolf Cut

The fun thing about a wolf cut is that you have many layers to play with and get creative.

You can opt for a classic all-over bright color or use different colors on different layers. Wolf cuts are perfect for dye styles like ombre or rainbow colors.

7. Chunky Wolf Cut

This style of wolf cut looks wonderful on thick hair. This cut features thick layers instead of wispy ones.

There are still plenty of layers and pieces framing the face to help show off your bone structure.

8. 70s Style Wolf Cut

Think Farrah Fawcett and her iconic hairstyle while on the show “Charlie’s Angels,” and you’ll know what to expect with this style.

This cut features long bangs that can be styled to flip out. Sassy layers continue all the way down for a flirty and fun look.

9. Short Wolf Cut

A short wolf haircut is stylish and low maintenance! This cute cut looks choppier and sometimes more like “bedhead” than the long version of the wolf cut.

This style is also effortlessly cool and breezy, perfect for someone who is always on the go.

10. Subtle Wolf Cut

Try a subtle wolf cut if you like the layering element of the cut but are looking for something more traditional.

A subtle wolf cut has longer layers that begin further down on your head instead of higher. The layers become shorter and more noticeable towards the ends.

11. Wolf Cut With Light Layers

Another great option for those looking for a tamer wolf cut look is to ask for the cut with light layers.

This will give you the fun shape of the cut without the added flair of so many layers. Your cut will still look full at the top but have a more laid-back vibe. Long bangs also look great paired with this style.

12. Longest Wolf Cut

This cut never looks more wolf-like than when it’s on long hair. A long wolf cut looks like a freewheeling cascade of tumbling layers.

The less structured you style this cut, the better. This cut looks best on hair that is less style for a wild, untamed look.

13. A Glamorous Wolf Cut

A wolf cut is often associated with looking a little wild or rebellious, but there’s a more glamorous version of it, too.

A glamorous wolf cut incorporates the layered look but softens the layers, making them less edgy. Sweeping curtain bangs framing the face are the finishing touch for a smooth but unique look.

14. Feathered Wolf Cut

The feathered wolf cut pays homage to and leans towards the shag style it was partially inspired by.

This style features longer layers at the top and choppy layers that frame your head, especially your face. Stars like Billie Eilish have been seen with this wolf-cut style.

15. Curly Wolf Cut

Wolf cuts look great on every hair type, but especially curly hair. If you have curly hair, consider this cut for a voluminous look full of movement.

Curly bangs on a wolf cut look glamorous and soft, so make sure to include bangs. This cut will look fantastic if you have tight, coil curls or loose waves.

Wolf Haircut Ideas 2023 and More

Now you know some of the best wolf haircut ideas 2023 offers! No matter your style, there’s a way for you to try this trendy haircut and make it work for you.

If you’d like this trend, our trained professionals at Public Image Ltd the Salon in Wayne, New Jersey, can recreate it in your preferred style. Make¬†an appointment¬†with us today!