Straight Hair Hairstyles

Do you find yourself asking, ‘what can I do with straight hair? Are you constantly searching online to find hairstyles for straight hair? You are not alone.

If you have straight hair, you are in the majority with most of the world’s population. As with the majority, you probably also struggle with styling your straight hair or have grown tired of wearing it in the same old style.

The good news is straight hair never goes out of fashion, and this year we’re seeing plenty of options for people with pin straight locks. Here are 2020’s most popular hairstyles for straight hair you’ll want to check out to change up your look.

The Blunt Bob

Ever since the bob haircut freed women from grueling long hair maintenance a century ago, it has never gone out of style. And with warmer weather upon us, the bob is bound to be hot for summer 2020.

This year, bobs are getting away from the A line cut and taking a nod from the 1990s. They’re one length, blunt, and may or may not include bangs—think Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction. This makes pulling them back into a short ponytail a little easier and the simple cut really shows off shiny, straight texture.

This cut also works well for a variety of face shapes.

Curtain or Side Swept Bangs

Bangs are the perfect way to freshen your hair up without making a drastic change. Two big fringe trends we’re noticing are curtain bangs and the side swept bang.

As these types of bangs are on the longer side, that makes them easy to grow out if you cannot commit to regular trims. You also won’t have to deal with them getting in your eyes.

And if the maintenance doesn’t bother you, super short or baby bangs are also a popular option as we head into summer.

The Pixie

While very daring for many women to try, the pixie cut has two big payoffs: it’s super low maintenance and a great way to really show off your facial features. And you can actually do more with this cut then you might expect: you can slick it back with gel, spike it up, or accent it with a cute thin headband.

The Return of “The Rachel”

Yes, the ’90s are big right now and one of the most iconic haircuts of the period is making a comeback. Today’s Rachel is longer, softer, and less layered than Jennifer Anniston’s original shag-inspired cut.

The Collarbone Length Cut

A simple lob cut so it grazes the collarbone not only leaves enough length to give you multiple styling options; it’s also very sexy and flattering, especially if you’re wearing a top that exposes the area. You can add some waves or pull the top of the hair back.

Long and Simple

If short isn’t your thing, you can always pay homage to your mother or grandmother’s 1970s flower child look by growing your hair long. Add some long layers, particularly around the front of the face, but skip the bangs. You can let your long locks air dry to cut down on styling time.

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There’s no shortage of flattering cuts when it comes to hairstyles for straight hair. All of these trends help show off straight hair’s shiny texture and are easy to wash and style.

Ready to try one of these looks, or have one of our stylists recommend a cut for your straight hair? Request an appointment with us. Since the COVID-19 shut down of hair salons, we are so happy to have reopened and look forward to seeing you.