Celebrate You This Year With These 2022 Short Hair Trends

Looking for a new look for a new year? Getting a fresh start can begin at the top of your head with your hair. Changing your hairstyle is a great way to adjust your look and dramatically try something new and exciting. 

Are you trying to find ideas specifically on the topic of 2022 short haircuts for females? Finally ready to take a couple of inches off and lighten that load? The 2022 short hair trends are already happening in salons, and you could get a great new look by choosing one of these. 

Blunt Bob

A great and easy cut to maintain is the blunt bob. This look will be back in full force, and you can bring it on in 2022 with a part down the middle, which will remain in vogue the next few years. This works well with straight or wavy hair for short haircut options and gives you an edgy and sophisticated look. 

It’s also simple to keep up with and not complicated to take care of as it grows out. And if you want the look to have some layers, you have options.

Go Bangs

Bangs of all kinds are back when it comes to short hairstyles. You can go for a french bob and bangs, giving a classic cute look for the new year. Or you can get curtain bangs to fit with a blunt bob and add some softness around your face. 

You might be looking for shortcuts by hair type, and bangs are back for curly, wavy, and straight hair. Don’t be intimidated by the upkeep. You can get bangs that suit your hairstyle and your hair type. 

2022 Short Hair Trends, A Year to Celebrate You!, go bangs

Wolf Cut It

The wolf cut was a popular look in 2021 in haircuts for women and men, and it’s not going anywhere. In fact, it’s only gaining and changing with its new popularity. In 2022, this cut is getting a little shorter, but keeping its shaggy style and allowing your hair to look messy-chic all the time. 

It became popular as a mullet and shag look, falling around your shoulders. But take it up a few inches, and you’ll be ready for the new year.

2022 Short Hair Trends, A Year to Celebrate You!, wolf cut

Classic Pixie

The classic pixie often comes to mind when cutting hair short, and it will be back in for 2022. You can get this simple cut and style your hair in several ways with gels and hair accessories. It’s a great way to get a new look and show off new style options.

It’s also effortless to maintain for certain hairstyles, so consider it as an option if you want something simple yet stylish. 

2022 Short Hair Trends, A Year to Celebrate You!, classic pixie

2022 Short Hair Trends

Getting a haircut, especially a dramatic one, can give you the feeling of a fresh start and a whole new look. It can allow you to begin again and find a new style. With the 2022 short hair trends, you have your pick of some great styles for any hair type. 

So get yourself set at the best salon and get ready for a fabulous new look. And if you don’t know where to go, look no further than here for your next best cut and hairstyle.