Autumn Hairstyles & Hair Trends 2022

The polls are in: America’s favorite season is officially fall!

Summer is the time to let loose, relax, and let your hair down, but it can also feel a little crazy. Amid all the fun and excitement of summer, your hair may have strayed to the wild side. Luckily, the seasons are turning a new leaf, and fall is on its way! 

Are you excited to get back to school and back to style this autumn? Wondering what hairstyles are going to be in for the fall of 2022? 

Check out these trending hairstyles and fall haircut trends for 2022!

Trending Hairstyles for Fall 2022

Autumn hairstyles in 2022 are inspired by whimsical and academic vibes. Think long windblown locks and smart yet shaggy cuts. This season’s overall goal is for hair to look ethereal, bold, and healthy.  

Long Glossy Tresses 

Smooth, shiny, and ultra-healthy-looking hair are always in style, but it’s having a comeback amid all the edgy cuts this year. If you take pride in your long hair, invest in a smoothing trim and products to keep it looking luscious and glossy. 

The Wolf Cut

Like it or love it, the wolf cut is here to stay! A modern take on the mullet, the wolf cut embraces sassy shag in all the right places. Short front layers add volume while long pieces near the neck elongate the face and flatter the jawline.  

2022’s Hottest Trending Hairstyles for Autumn, the wolf cut

Bold Boy Bob

Hairstyle trends have leaned short for a while, and we’re still rocking cropped ‘dos proudly into autumn this year. A blunt “boy bob” can add edginess to your look and keep your neckline from disappearing under your fluffiest sweaters. Plus, short bobs look adorable peeking out from under a beanie, beret, or felt hat! 

2022’s Hottest Trending Hairstyles for Autumn, boy bob

All Things 70s

There’s something about autumn that naturally evokes the 1970s. What better way to embrace warm, earthy colors and autumn breezes than with a gorgeous 70s blowout? Chunky bangs, voluminous layers, and swooping curls make the perfect accessory for those back-to-school vibes. 

2022’s Hottest Trending Hairstyles for Autumn, 70s hairstyles

Fall Hair Color Ideas for 2022

A trendy haircut and bangs aren’t the only ways to revamp your look this season! Don’t overlook the transformative power of a new color. This year, we’re embracing warm, multi-dimensional looks for autumn. 

Hot Cinnamon Red

Red seems like a no-brainer when it comes to fall hair colors. Now more than ever, we’re seeing celebrities embracing warm colors like cinnamon and rich auburn. Warm red hair is flattering on nearly any skin tone and perfectly captures the whimsical spirit of autumn. 

Smooth Caramel Copper

Not sure you’re seeing red? Toasty caramel copper may be a more flattering way to dip your toe in the trend. Ask your stylist to blend copper highlights into your hair for multi-dimensional, tumbling tresses. 

Bronzed Brunette

Brunettes don’t have to risk lightening and damaging their hair to stay trendy this season. Achieve the hair of a gilded woodland goddess by incorporating bronze tones into your look. Bronze will warm up your complexion and reflect light on the dreariest autumn days! 

Honeycomb Blonde

Having more fun as a blonde? Beige and ash blonde has been trendy for a few years, but just like the other hair colors, the blonde is starting to take on warmer notes. Don’t be afraid to add a hint of honey-gold to your look this season! 

Fall in Love With Your Hair

There are so many things to look forward to this fall: pumpkin spice, tumbling leaves, and cozy sweaters, to name a few! Don’t forget to honor the changing seasons with a fresh new look!

Ready to embrace this year’s trending hairstyles? It’s never too early to celebrate fall! Click here to schedule your hair appointment!