What are the Hair Trends for 2023?

Are you in need of a new hairstyle? What better time to try one than the beginning of a brand new year? Start 2023 in style by trying one of the new 2023 hair trends.

Hair has a serious impact on confidence. A good hairstyle could lead to a confident new you. But what are you going to try?

Is short or long hair in for 2023? Are people still wearing bangs? Can you bring your side part back out of retirement yet, or are they still considered uncool?

We’re here to answer all of these questions and more. Read on to learn all about some of the top hairstyles for ladies in 2023.

Long Curls

Is curly hair in style for 2023? For some people, yes. Long curls seem to be on the rise.

Long curls look elegant, and they’re relatively easy to manage. There’s a lot of flexibility in hairstyles for long curly hair, which can look great even if messy.

People with naturally curly hair are likely to ditch their straighteners this year and wear their long curls with pride, though they may be turning to stylists to learn how best to treat their luscious locks.

Some people with long straight hair are going to want to add curls. Rather than opting for tight curls, many will want loose and “casual” curls. They may try to maintain them with DIY methods at home after seeing how great their new hair texture can look with a qualified stylist.

“Long,” in this case, starts just past the shoulders, but don’t be surprised if you see waist-length hair. Many people have been growing their hair out for the past few years and are now ready to style their new looks.

What is the hair style for 2023?, long curls

A Variety of Bobs

Bobs aren’t going anywhere in 2023. One-length bob cuts, or “box bobs,” seem on the horizon, so get ready to style this simple hairdo.

This blunt bob tends to end around the chin, but some people wear it shorter. While it’s traditionally worn straight, people with curlier hair textures can rock it as well (though loose curls are easier than tight curls with this hairstyle).

Bobs will have straight bangs or no bangs at all. It feels very ’60s mod.

What is the hair style for 2023?, bob cuts

Shaggy Cuts

Shaggy styles have held firm for the past few years, and in 2023 they will stay popular. Shaggy hairstyles for ladies are easy to maintain and style. They look both fashionable and effortless, making them great for women on the go who don’t like to spend a lot of time getting ready in the morning but who still want to look great.

The basic shag, with lots of layers, will stay trendy. This cut pairs well with shaggy or “messy” bangs that go just past the eyebrows and almost hit the eyes.

The shaggy bowl cut will also be coming back. Unlike the traditional bowl cut many young boys wore decades ago; this is more like a mix between a shaggy cut and a long bob.

Face-framing rounded bangs give this cut its impact and shape. It can be as long as shoulder length. The rest of the hair will have some layers but fall straight.

Super-Short Cuts

While long curls will trend, there will also be plenty of short hairstyles for ladies on the other end of the spectrum. Super-short pixies will be back for people with a wide variety of hair textures.

People with tight curls will wear them short with pride. Short afros will be popular. People with straight hair will rock classic pixies.

The people between those hair textures may have slightly more length for a flippy pixie that looks sweet and easy to maintain.

Lots of Layers

Are layers in style for 2023? Yes! Many people will want to add layers this year.

There are two primary layered cuts we’ll be looking out for. The “butterfly cut” gained popularity at the end of 2022, and it won’t go away soon. It’s similar to another popular layered cut, the wolf cut, that was more popular at the beginning of the year.

The layered curve cut will also be popular. This is a fairly simple layered look that people who haven’t seen a stylist in a while may want to go for. It grows out well, and it’s easy to maintain.

The Center Part

Is the side part coming back in 2023? Probably not. While many people never got rid of their side parts, the center part still seems to hold firm for both male and female hairstyles.

With that in mind, specific subgroups are holding tight to the side part. If you love yours, don’t be afraid of it. Wear it with confidence.

Color Trends

So what about colors? How will people be dyeing their hair? Let’s offer some predictions.

Natural Colors

Warm tones are going to be coming back for 2023. The icy platinum blonde will turn into warm butterscotch or strawberry blonde. Speaking of strawberry blonde, many people may try to go red this year.

Even browns will get warmer. Ash browns will now be warm-toned. You can expect warm highlights as well.

Fashion Colors

Fashion colors aren’t going away. They are still likely to get warmer, however. Expect bright reds, warm cotton candy pinks, and rose golds this year, especially during summer.

Even bold orange may make a comeback.

With that said, cool colors will still have their place among those who love colorful hair. Neon green and cool blue will likely stick around.

2023 Hair Trends & hairstyles for ladies, red hair color

Which 2023 Hair Trends Will You Follow?

So what is the hairstyle for 2023? Whether you’re picking from one of these hair trends or doing your own thing, it’s time to consider next year’s look.

Whether you’re keeping it long and layered, going with a short pixie, or staying somewhere in the middle with a shaggy cut, there’s sure to be a style that makes you feel gorgeous.

Are you ready for a new look in 2023? Visit us at Public Image so we can make your 2023 style dreams come true.