2023 Trendy Winter Holiday Hairstyles To Stay Ahead of The Trend

The sweltering heat of a record-breaking summer is starting to fade. Gone are the days of finding endless new ways to manage the humidity-driven frizz. It’s now time for a cooler, festive winter season.

As these winter months come upon us, it’s your perfect opportunity for a hair transformation. But what is the trend in haircuts in winter 2023?

To help you look the part for those seasonal events on your calendar, read on for 2023 trendy winter holiday hairstyles.

The Low Braid

2023 Trendy Winter Holiday Hairstyles, low braid

Our first trend in festive holiday hairstyles is a braided, low ponytail wrapped to the side. This is the favorite winter trend for those with thick hair.

It’s perfect if you want a minimal look on windy days when you don’t want strands of hair blowing around. You can head from the office for after-work drinks, and it will look just as stylish.

It adds elegance to dense locks and means you won’t have to spend those dark winter nights endlessly blow-drying or straightening hair.

The low-slung look means this hair will work perfectly with any trendy warm hat for the perfect winter look.

The Sleek Short Bob

2023 Trendy Winter Holiday Hairstyles, short bob

The chin-grazing sleek bob has long been a favorite style for short hair and will make headlines again this winter.

This beautiful bob is perfect for fine to medium hair, either naturally straight or with that signature heat-treated finish for the most slick style.

The sleek bob looks sophisticated and minimal, and a shortcut will make your hairstyle routine effortless. It also copes well with harsh, cold climates and will stay intact, even on windy days.

Wear this timeless style; it needs no hair accessories to bring this look together.

The High-Fashion Headband

2023 Trendy Winter Holiday Hairstyles, headbands

Here is a winter style that will help accentuate any evening occasion during the holiday season. The headband is back for this season, and this stylish hair accessory will do more than keep your tresses looking neat.

It’s embellished, bold, and beautiful, so it is an easy and dramatic way to transform any hairstyle into a festive affair.

Wear these headbands with long, wavy locks, sleek styles, or a high knot. And any color works this season, so you don’t have to find the perfect combination for your hair color.

Whatever hairstyle you choose this winter, the final effect of a headband is one of sophistication. So why not give it a go?

Wavy Side Hair Parting With Volume

If you want to head into the winter season with glamor, opt for a side parting, which is now back in fashion. A deep parting on thick, old Hollywood-style waves will look elegant and luscious.

This style works best on longer hair length. Start by parting your hair deep on one side to achieve this style. Next, apply a volumizing mousse while your hair is damp.

Use a round brush to blow dry the hair in sections, twisting the brush around your locks to help lift it.

A wide curling iron is the next accessory on your list, and you can use this to create a smooth, loose wave. Finish with some hairspray to help keep your style in place.

The Statement Fringe

2023 Trendy Winter Holiday Hairstyles, curtain bangs

The 2023 season takes direct inspiration from the iconic lead character in Netflix’s Wednesday.

So imagine textured curtain bangs, cut low, for a sultry and striking look. These bangs delicately frame a petite face, making the final finish effortless and chic.

You must go with a trusted professional to get this hairstyle, like our award-winning team. It takes an experienced stylist to get that perfect balance of length and texture to suit your face shape.

For a winter vibe, keep this hairstyle simple and low-maintenance. It’s practical in those colder months, and the slightly unfinished look will look beautiful when paired with a woolly hat.

Beautiful Black Ribbons

2023 Trendy Winter Holiday Hairstyles

If you love simplicity, try an oversized black ribbon that blends beautifully with your long locks. It’s one of the best hairstyle trends for those with all hair color, and the most up-to-date style is in a low, loose ponytail.

These ribbons perfectly complement long hair and create an almost ethereal charm. They also look beautiful in the winter when worn with layered outfits or cozy knits.

This style is easy to achieve, but ensure you use a hair treatment first for that gorgeous glossy finish. Once you’ve dried your hair, pull it into a ponytail, leaving some strands loose, and tie it with your ribbon.

However, if you have long flowing locks and want to show them off, pull back some hair at the temples and bring it together in the back of your head with a beautiful black ribbon, make a bow and voila!

A Fiery Red Shade

2023 Trendy Winter Holiday Hairstyles

When temperatures begin to drop, there is one shade that we often associate with fall: red. And this shade is so on-trend this season that you’ll find it enters the winter festive season, too.

Many shades of red work perfectly for this trend, from a light ginger to a warm red or a rich auburn. So opt for a custom approach and find a red that works with your skin tone.

A dark mahogany or burgundy is your perfect match if you have a cool skin tone. Warmer tones suit a softer copper or bright scarlet.

Natural red colors work well with soft waves and curls. If you have a more vibrant shade, opt for a sleeker hairstyle like a blunt bob.

The Graceful Ballerina Bun

2023 Trendy Winter Holiday Hairstyles

The ballerina bun has long been a go-to for those looking for a chic and minimal updo. It’s perfect for a polished and poised evening style this winter.

To perfect this look, start with smooth, straight hair. You must begin with a ponytail, a high one for the traditional ballet style or a low one at the nape for a more modern take.

Once you have secured your hair in a ponytail, coil it into a bun, keeping it as flat as possible using styling spray. Use traditional ballet pins to secure any flyaway strands for a neat finish.

2023 Trendy Winter Holiday Hairstyles

Seasonal changes are the perfect time to embrace a new hairstyle. These 2023 trendy winter holiday hairstyles offer lots of inspiration. Remember, winter is a time for celebration, so go for a look that will turn heads.

Once you’re ready for your makeover with these 2023 trendy winter holiday hairstyles and excellent hair ideas that make a statement, make an appointment with one of our skilled stylists at Public Image.