3 Types of Hair Up for Work Ideas

We’ve all been there, sister. 

You’re not sure if it’s Monday or Wednesday, but it’s almost 7:30, you’re out of lip liner, and you’ve got a conference call at 8:00 am sharp. The last thing you want to deal with today is an unruly mane. 

As you fire up the coffee pot, you might ask, “how can I put my hair up for work?” or perhaps more importantly, “how do you nicely wear your hair up?” 

The perfect work hairstyle is all about simplicity and professionalism. Check out this three cute and easy hair up for work ideas!

1. Braided Top Knot

Create a funky, youthful look by opting for this bun with a twist (literally)! This hairstyle works best for medium to long hair and is excellent for keeping your hair out of your face all day.

Start by brushing and pulling your hair up to the crown of your head, then secure it in a ponytail. Wrap your hair around the ponytail as you ordinarily would to create a bun. Leave the tail loose. 

Create a simple braid with the last four or five inches of hair. Secure the braid with a small hair elastic, then pin it into your bun. Finally, grab a lightweight hair gel to smooth your hair back and tame flyaways! 

3 Perfect Hair Up For Work Ideas, braided top knot

2. Simple Chignon 

You can’t go wrong with this classic, effortless style for wearing hair up. Long hair works best for creating this hairstyle.  

To begin, part your hair from ear to ear over your head. With the back half of your hair, create a tight low ponytail at the nape of your neck and secure it with an elastic. Lightly finger-tease the ponytail to add some volume and texture. 

Make a simple loop with the ponytail and tie it with an elastic so the loop hangs freely over your neck. Loosely wrap the free end of the ponytail around the base of your hair loop and pin the end in place.

Finally, grab one side of the front section and wrap it over and around the base of your chignon. Repeat for the other side, pin in place, and pull out a few face-framing pieces. Et voilĂ ! 

3 Perfect Hair Up For Work Ideas, chignon hairstyle

3. Tousled Half-Up

Half-up hairstyles strike the perfect balance between relaxed and professional. They’re perfect for casual Fridays and more laid-back workplaces. Plus, a half-up style is achievable with almost any hair length

Start by lifting your hair sections and lightly backcombing your roots with your fingers to create volume. Next, sweep the front of your hair up toward the back of your head, leaving about half of your hair down at your neck. Create a mini-ponytail at the back of your head, secure it with an elastic, and pull out a few face-framing hairs. 

You can leave your mini-pony as is, create a fishtail braid, or twist it into a delicate half-up bun! Finish your look with a simple black ribbon to dress up this simple style, and you’re out the door. 

3 Perfect Hair Up For Work Ideas, tousled half up half down hairstyle

More Trendy Hair Up For Work Ideas

Next time you’re in a morning rush or a fashion rut, pour yourself another coffee and remember these quick styles! These simple hair up for work ideas are here to help you ace your workday and beyond!

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