32 Shades of Beautiful: 4 Reasons to Love Elumen Color

As a trend that’s been spotted on everyone from Billie Eilish to Helen Mirren (who sported pink hair at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival), intense hair color is here to stay. But achieving some of the creative looks saturated hair color can give you can be tricky to do yourself at home. You also risk damaging your hair if you’re inexperienced using vibrant dyes.

That’s why here at Public Image Salon we’re proud to offer Elumen hair color as one of our chemical services. Made by Goldwell, Elumen is the first permanent, high-performance, oxidant-free hair color available and comes in an amazing 32 shades. This revolutionary product is giving our clients the eye-catching looks they crave with healthy softness and shine.

Here are four reasons to love Elumen hair color as much as we do.

1. It’s Remarkably Gentle

It’s not surprising that hair dye can be punishing on our hair strands. Ammonia, peroxide, and other harsh chemicals can easily dry out hair, leaving it dull and lifeless. These chemicals are often used, however, by other hair color brands to alter the hair’s color.

As a direct pigmented, ammonia-free permanent color, Goldwell Elumen changes hair color not chemically, but physically. It actually penetrates the hair follicle to illuminate the hair from the inside out and fills in damaged areas inside the hair shaft to repair it.

But because of its low pH level and the fact that it doesn’t rely on peroxide to dye hair, Elumen is also very gentle. It even smooths the hair cuticle tight to give you a glossy shine, reduce frizz, and soften your locks. In fact, Elumen delivers up to 37% more shine compared to other intensive hair color treatments.

2. It’s Very Fade Resistant

Other hair colors can fade with regular washing and lose their luster. As a hair dye product that penetrates the cuticle, Elumen is extremely fade-resistant. You’ll enjoy week after week of intense color right up until your next hair color appointment.

Elumen calls its longevity feature the Magnet Effect. It takes advantage of the negative and positive charges inside the hair to help the color cling to strands for much longer. And it provides great grey coverage!

Goldwell Elumen has also designed a conditioner that our stylists apply to the hair following a color treatment to help lock in the pigment.

3. It’s Great For People With Allergies

Elumen’s low chemical content makes it a great alternative for people who are sensitive to hair color. The product has no ammonia odor which eliminates the strong, unpleasant smell associated with traditional hair dyes.

4. It Allows For Creativity

Elumen comes in 32 shades ranging from natural to eye-popping hues. It gives stylists and their client’s a lot more creativity when it comes to achieving today’s trendiest hair color looks including high-contrast color or all-over intensity. You can mix and match the shades to your heart’s content to create the perfect look for you!

Book an Elumen Color Appointment With Us

With so many benefits, we’re confident that you’ll fall in love with Elumen color. If you’re ready to change up your look with this remarkable hair color product, request an appointment with us at Public Image Salon. We look forward to helping you transform your look!