Body Beautiful: Get Ready To Hit The Beach

Summer will be here before you know it, and with it, the anticipation of summer vacation. But getting ready to bare all on a beach brings its complications, so here are some tips to help you get your body beautiful and prepared to hit the beach in style.

4 Body Beautiful Tips


In the northeast, hair can be a problem during the winter months because of the dry air and no humidity. During this time, hair can become flat with less volume. When you travel over the holidays, perhaps to a place you have dreamed about, you most likely will be packing your favorite hair products and supplies. After all, you want your hair to look it’s absolute best when dining at that beautiful restaurant.

What about the summer months and those quick day trips to the shore? Most likely, you will not be packing up all your usual hair styling aids into your small bag. So, it may be an excellent time to start thinking about that low-maintenance haircut you’ve kinda always wanted.

There are many tips an excellent hair stylist can offer you. For example, good-looking yet manageable styles can include a shoulder-length bob tied back during the day. But do not fret if this hairstyle is not for you; there are many other ways to accomplish a beautiful look with little to no maintenance. It’s all about finding the right hairstyle to know what is best for your face, its shape and your hair’s texture. After all, the hot, humid air can be a disaster for some hair.

Once you get the right hair cut and style, know that heat, sun and saltwater can still play havoc with your hair, so remember to try to pack a product that conditions and protects your hair.

For the beach, we recommend KMS Thermal Shape which is perfect when air-drying your hair. Shake it and spray it for a subtle light conditioning treatment. After the beach for a quick fix try Goldwell Ultra Volume Bodifying Dry Shampoo.

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Cut down on the makeup you need to take with you by carefully sculpting your eyebrows with waxing strips or threading. Perfect eyebrows help to frame your face and add symmetry, which means you do not need to try so hard with makeup. If you cannot live without your mascara, consider tinting your eyelashes.

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Your body will probably be on show for the first time in months, so it is likely your skin will be on the pale side. Most females feel that pale, pasty skin looks less attractive than sun-kissed skin, so give your body a pre-vacation boost by applying a little fake tan. However, before applying the fake tan, be sure to wax and exfoliate. Even if you usually shave your legs or underarms, use wax a few days before your summer trip begins for much slower hair regrowth that will leave your body attractively hair-free for the duration.

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Most people find feet one of the most unappealing areas of the body, and after being encased in shoes all through fall and winter, they can be looking a little the worse for wear. Cracked heels and dry skin are common foot problems, so remedy these by having a pedicure. To enhance the look of your feet even further, paint your toenails with your favorite nail polish.

Don’t wait until the summer comes for your body to look beautiful. Instead, bookmark this page, so you are ready to take these steps to ensure that you look great the moment you hit the beach.

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Body Beautiful Here I Come!

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