Girls With Curls

Do you have curly hair that’s sometimes difficult to control?

While we all know that curly hair is beautiful, sometimes, it can be very difficult to manage. But, with the right know-how, you can get your curls under control and rock every day with healthy, full hair. 

How do you do it?

Check out this guide to discover the top alluring tips for girls with curls. 

1. Don’t Shampoo Every Day 

You need to shampoo your curls every day to keep them clean and healthy, right?

Wrong! Curly hair doesn’t need to be shampooed nearly as often as straight hair. In fact, if you shampoo your hair too much, it can stretch out fragile strands of hair and dry out your curls. 

However, the conditioner is your curly hair’s best friend. Even on days, you don’t apply shampoo, you should still condition it. At Public Image Salon we have found that KMS Curl Up Conditioner works fantastic

2. Wash the Right Way 

Tangled hair and curly hair are, unfortunately, two things that seem to go hand in hand. One of the best ways to tackle our tangled tresses is to wash your hair in sections. 

Scrubbing, rubbing, and swirling, curly hair on top of your head is a sure-fire way for tangles to develop. To keep the tangles at bay, divide your hair into sections. The thicker your hair is, the more sections you should have. 

You can use clips or hair ties to section off your hair, and then shampoo and condition one section at a time. Not only will this help prevent tangles, but it’ll also make it easier for you to work your products into your scalp and make sure your products rinse out thoroughly. 

3. Make Friends With Deep Conditioner 

The secret to shiny, luxurious curls is often deep conditioner such as KMS Deep Conditioner for Curly Hair

When selecting a deep conditioner, make sure you’re choosing a formula that matches your hair’s needs. For example, if you have extra-dry hair and dandruff, make sure to select a formula with extra moisturizing properties. 

Just as you do with your regular shampoo and conditioner, make sure to work the deep conditioner into your hair in sections. Don’t worry about applying deep conditioner to the scalp, as this area typically doesn’t need extra moisture. 

4. Invest in a Good Pre-Shampoo Treatment 

Many women with killer curls swear by pre-shampoo.

Pre-shampoo is exactly what it sounds like- a treatment you apply to your hair before shampooing it. Pre-shampoo works to detangle, soften, and condition your hair prior to shampooing it. It also helps to prevent unnecessary damage and roughness during the shampooing process. 

To pre-shampoo your hair, we recommend using a conditioner or conditioning oil. Divide your hair into sections, and apply the treatment to dry hair. Leave the treatment in for 20 minutes before stepping into the shower and continuing with your routine. 

5. Ease Off the Heat 

Curly-haired girls know all too well how much heat can wreak havoc on their hair. 

To keep your hair healthy, it’s best to avoid hot tools like blow dryers, straighteners, and curling irons as much as possible. Air dry your hair as much as you can, and if you want to amp up your curls, use foam rollers and allow your hair to air dry naturally. 

Girls With Curls: Are You Ready to Transform Your Curls? 

Now that you’ve read these tips for girls with curls, it’s time to put them into action so you can transform your hair. Before you know it, your curls will be the shiniest and healthiest they’ve ever been!

Of course, keeping your curls healthy also means getting regular haircuts. If you’re in need of a cut and style, contact us today