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Authentic Indian Secrets to Glowing Skin and Hair

The original science of natural remedies, Ayurveda, is not just about oil massages and potent herbal medicine. It is also a lifestyle that has been practiced in homes in India for centuries.

Ayurveda includes home-style remedies for skin and hair that have been passed on from generation to generation. They continue to be used in Indian households all over the country and even among the diaspora. So, if you want your beauty regimen to be natural, effective, and something interestingly different, here is where you can start. The best part of these home-style remedies is that they are insanely easy to try out, and the ingredients are easily accessible.

So let’s get started. First, try for a luxurious bout of self-pampering that will at the very least put you in a relaxed state of mind, if not also present you with absolutely fabulous skin and hair.

The 3-Ingredient Magic Elixir For Your Skin

Take a few drops of lemon juice, a few drops of rose water, and a few drops of glycerin. First, blend all with a spoon and gently apply to your face and the rough areas of your skin like the elbows and knees. Second, Massage it into your skin. This can be done while sitting down for a session of TV or reading and leaving it on for as long as you wish. Third and final, rinse off with plain water. If you have applied at night, let it stay on until your evening shower.

Ideally, do this every day, and you will be amazed at how supple and glowing your skin is.

A rewarding twist? Blend as much of the ingredients as you need for a week and refrigerate. The mix’s coolness and heady fragrance of rose water are as soothing for your senses as it is for your skin.

The Scrub of The Maharanis

If you have an Indian store nearby, head on over to it and ask for chickpea flour or gram flour, or pick up a small pack of chickpeas or Bengal gram. When you get home, grind it into a fine powder. Then, make a loose paste with water and apply it to your face and arms for five minutes. Wash off with warm water and skip the soap. Gentle warning – the odor on this one may take a little getting used to. It may also feel a little uncomfortable as it dries off when used for the first time. But the absolute silken feel on your skin when washed off is well worth the discomfort! Use this sparingly – once every two weeks will do nicely – but the results have to be seen to be believed!

Hair Formula From the Land That Gave the World The Word ‘Shampoo’

Indians love a good head massage, and oil baths are frequent in the regular scheme of things. Interestingly, the word ‘shampoo’ is said to have originated from the Indian practice of head massage with oil, which is called ‘champi’ in local parlance. So here is a modified version of the original Indian ‘champi’ which will do wonders for your hair.

Mix virgin coconut oil and virgin olive oil in equal measure amounts and heat. Apply generously from scalp to tips while the oil is still warm (not scalding). Use your fingers to massage it in gently. Be generous, even though it may be an unaccustomed feeling. Once the hair is nicely oiled, wrap a warm towel around your hair and let it rest for half an hour (more if you wish).

Now shampoo and condition as usual. It may take more than your regular amount of shampoo to wash the oil out, but you will be amazed by how alive your hair feels after this treatment!

Once you are a pro at ‘champi’, make the mix more potent by adding basil, curry leaves, crushed hibiscus petals, aloe vera, or any other herbs when warming the oil. The spices impart a soothing fragrance, and each of these ingredients possesses properties that can transform your hair.

Cleansing Mask of The Princesses

This might also require a trip to the Indian store to source ‘Multani Mitti‘ or ‘the clay of Multan .’Also called ‘Fuller’s Earth,’ this was the primary ingredient in many of the older generation face masks available before sheet masks took over the scene.

The original clay mask for the cleanest, most unblemished skin, Multani mitti, combined with the right ingredients, can clear your skin of blackheads and whiteheads and leave it firm and unlined. Try it once, and you will see a tangible difference!

The ingredients for the face mask are different for each skin type. In combination with milk and honey, clay is perfect for glowing and firming up normal skin. If you have oily skin, use egg white, cucumber juice and lemon juice with the Multani mitti for clean, glowing results, and if you have dry skin, combine with curd and honey to leave your skin dewy and fresh.

The Sure-Fire Trick to Arrest Hair Loss

Fenugreek (methi) seeds are an integral part of Indian cooking, and it’s no wonder they have made their way into home remedies for personal care. For example, a very effective method to stop your hair from falling out and impart a natural glow to your locks is to soak fenugreek seeds overnight, make a paste with the soaked seeds and use it as a hair mask. To cut down on the pungent odor, you can make the paste with fresh coconut milk and a dash of lime juice. These ingredients also act as an excellent conditioner for your hair.

Indian mothers have sworn by these home remedies for generations! Using fresh and natural ingredients ensures better results than anything you could get out of a bottle. Try them out for a cruelty-free, all-natural beauty regimen proven effective.

5 Authentic Indian Secrets to Glowing Skin and Hair, ayurveda

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