Super Cute Short Hairstyles With Bangs

Did you know that most people have up to 120,000 hairs on their heads? 

When all those hairs grow too long, it can feel like you’re wearing a jungle! Luckily, short hairstyles are fun, flirty, and easy to manage. Combine short haircuts with bangs, and you have flawless go-to style every day!

Are you dreaming about a cropped new ‘do? Curious about the different types of bangs for short hair?

Keep reading to find five adorable short hairstyles with bangs!

1. Bixie With Tapered Bangs

The 90s are back and better than ever. If you’re looking for a flawlessly trendy, very short hairstyle, look no further than the 90s “bixie!” The bixie is a perfect blend, not as bold as a full pixie but more daring than a standard bob.

The bixie hairstyle looks great with short tapered bangs and gives an edgy vibe to any look. Pairing this style with a dark hair color will make you look more fun and mysterious. The bixie is a stylish summer go-to! 

5 Super Cute Short Hairstyles With Bangs, bixie

2. Classic French Bob

Channel your inner Amélie with a hairstyle fit for adventures in Paris. Ask your stylist for a chin-length bob and full, swoopy bangs that graze your eyebrows. If you’re feeling inspired, switch up your vibe with a deep, sultry dye or fun, warm highlights. 

This hairstyle may seem intimidating at first glance, but it’s flattering on many face shapes. The full bangs draw attention to your big, beautiful eyes and the cropped bob highlights a graceful neck!

5 Super Cute Short Hairstyles With Bangs, bob

3. Shaggy Bob With Side Bangs

If you’d love more volume and movement in your hair, opt for short hair with bangs and layers! The shaggy bob with bangs is endlessly flattering and full of life. 

A shaggy bob lets you easily amp up the volume with texture spray and tousled layers. Ask your stylist to blend your side bangs into the rest of your haircut for the most flattering look. This gives you a perfect face-framing fringe that keeps looking great as your hair grows!

5 Super Cute Short Hairstyles With Bangs, shaggy

4. Baby Bangs

Hoping to stand out from the crowd with an alternative look? Baby bangs are having a significant moment, and they’ll make you look like an absolute rock star.

These ultra-cropped bangs look good with nearly any short hairstyle, but they perfectly complement a razored pixie or blunt bob. Baby bangs can be as short as an inch or two, so it’s good to specify precisely how short you’d like to go. Baby bangs work well for any hair texture, but be prepared to do a little primping in the morning!

5 Super Cute Short Hairstyles With Bangs, short bangs

5. Textured Lob With Curtain Bangs

Not sure if you’re ready to commit to the whole short hair lifestyle? A textured “lob” with curtain bangs is the perfect medium short hair with bangs. The lob is a long bob that lightly grazes your shoulders but is often still long enough to tie back!

Textured short hair with curtain bangs is like a match made in heaven. The soft, feminine curtain bangs will draw attention to your eyes while the perfect lob length flatters any face shape. 

5 Super Cute Short Hairstyles With Bangs, curtain bangs

Rocking Short Hairstyles With Bangs

Next time you hit the hair salon, consider transforming your look with a new, perky short haircut. Pairing your short hair with bangs is a great way to express your personality and switch up your vibe. Short hairstyles with bangs are fun, versatile, and easy to style before heading out the door! 

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