Growing little humans into responsible adults is a monumental task. Just ask any mom. Effective time management is the key to getting things done. Still, you can never get everything done in one day. Perhaps you believe that some moms were born time managers. Know this: time management is a learned skill, developed by practice, and finally mastered.

Once you’ve conquered day-to-day time management, you can factor in some fun times with the kids or husband. You can even set aside alone time for yourself.

Monthly Planner

Get a calendar with large enough squares to note important appointments for each month – doctor, dentist, car maintenance, haircuts, ball games, kid’s school events, and so on. Hang the calendar on the fridge where the whole family can see it.

Daily To-Do List

The secret of accomplishing your to-do list is to make it attainable. Make a short list of items you need to do daily. Use your calendar to see if you have appointments. Set aside a day each week to run errands – groceries, post office, pharmacy, etc. It wouldn’t be realistic to put ‘organize master closet’ on errand day, right? Of course, when you have small children, a great deal of the day revolves around them. Don’t miss memorable moments by cleaning the bathrooms when your baby is beginning to walk.

Here is a sample list that spreads out time-consuming chores like vacuuming, dusting, and laundry over the week.

  • Monday – dust
  • Tuesday – vacuum
  • Wednesday – errands
  • Thursday – laundry
  • Friday – clean bathrooms, mop floors.
  • Saturday – catch up on any weekly chores that life interrupted. Make a weekly meal plan and start an ongoing grocery list.
  • Sunday – try to leave blank for family time and an hour or two for “me time”.

As for additional items on your daily to-do list, prioritize. Your one big chore is important – put it at the top of the page. List about five things that aren’t critical but need to be done.

Now, the idea is flexibility. If a child gets sick and needs to go to the doctor on Thursday, do the laundry in increments each day or on catch-up Saturday. An added bonus about staying on schedules is that kids love routines – like it’s Tuesday and mommy will vacuum.

The Art of Saying No

We were conditioned as children that saying “no” was not nice. As adults, a hard-wired guilt complex makes it easier to say “yes,” even when we want or need to say “no.”

It’s not mentally or physically healthy to commit to doing things like baking three dozen cookies for the school bake sale while your personal schedule gathers dust bunnies. Quit stressing that people won’t like you if you say “no” to their request. Likely, they will just cross your name off their list and call the next person.

When faced with an appeal for help, such as the neighbor’s babysitter got sick and would you please, please keep her kids today, politely decline. Don’t offer several excuses. Don’t lie. Just say babysitting doesn’t work for you today.

Your time as a busy mom is precious. The more you give away, the less you have for your own home and family.

Share the Load

It’s called delegate. Enlist your husband and kids to share the chores. Teach your kids at an early age to do simple things like folding clothes and taking out the trash. Older kids can clean the kitchen, do dishes, dust furniture, etc.

Teaching kids to cook is an awesome bonding experience. When they reach an age that they are responsible in the kitchen, let them take over dinner once a week. Remember to praise them.

Don’t expect to become a time management guru immediately. Managing time is a learned skill, which takes time to master.

Do For Yourself

Once you have developed a time management plan that works for you, it is now time for you. After all, when a busy mom is stressed, everyone is stressed.

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