What New Hair Color Will Be Best For Me?

One of the best aspects of hair dye is the ability to change your color to practically anything imaginable. It would be best if you considered several things before any change of color, regardless of whether your ideal new shade is subtle and natural or something more outlandish.

Hair Condition

Your hair condition is the most critical factor to assess first before committing to a choice. Hair dye can be damaging, which is a significant issue if the new look you want requires extensive lightening. If your hair has already suffered damage from earlier use of hair dyes and other chemical treatments like perms and relaxers, be wary of subjecting it to further trauma.

If your hair is damaged, it is highly recommended not to purchase a box color at the nearest store. The chemicals used in hair dye boxes are harsher than those used at salons because they are designed to change the color and do not differentiate between hair types.

A hair colorist will consider factors such as your hair level of porosity, underlying pigment, and previous artificial pigments when creating a custom formula that is best for your hair.

If your hair is dry and damaged, do not worry. Damaged hair can still be colored safely by a professional hair colorist. When consulting with your hair colorist, they will recommend and help you choose a new shade. It may not be an extreme color change. Adding highlights that are a little darker or lighter than your current color may be the best way to start to prevent further damage and get your hair on the road to being healthy again.

Costs and Difficulty

When coloring your hair at home, achieving the color you want can be difficult.

Buying a box color for $7 to $10 is cheaper but not healthy for your hair.

It is best to have the hair coloring service performed at a reputable salon instead of attempting it yourself. Paying a professional is more expensive, but it’s the safest way to reduce damage to your hair and get the exact hair color you want.


All hair dyes fade—even if permanent—and new growth requires retouching after several weeks too. The amount of maintenance involved in a hair color depends on your natural shade, how bright and vibrant the new shade is, and how much lighter or darker it is.

A difference between your natural hair color and chosen shade that is more extreme will need more maintenance because fading and regrowth will be more noticeable than a subtler choice of shade. Like blonde, some shades also need extra care in the form of toning to keep unwanted yellow tones from being visible.

If you are opposed to the idea of frequent retouches and toning, choose a new hair color shade that is closer to your original color, and this will cut the time and effort required to keep it looking impeccable.

Matching Shades to Your Facial Features

5 Tips: How To Choose a New Hair Color

Your overall appearance affects how a new hair color will look. If a color doesn’t match your facial features, it can look unnatural or cause your complexion to look duller.

A simple rule to follow is that cool-toned features like pink skin and blue or green eyes match well with ashy or neutral hair colors, while golden or olive skin and brown eyes pair best with golden and auburn hair colors. If your skin in medium toned dark brown and black hair can work well. Just avoid red undertones which can make skin look yellow.

So lets give you a quick run-down on the color of your eyes.

  • Green, hazel, and brown eyes will go beautifully with dark brown hair
  • Green eyes also will look stunning with red hair.
  • Blue and gray eyes look beautiful with the lighter ashy tones.
  • Let not forget blue eyes with black hair is always an eye-catcher.

Complete facial features including skin tone and eye color must all be considered. This is why consulting with a professional hair colorist is always recommended.

The Choice is Yours

5 Tips: How To Choose a New Hair Color

Choosing a new hair color that fits all these specifications will give a great result, but your happiness is the most crucial factor to consider.

If you’d like to try a new shade, but you’re worried it won’t suit you, schedule an appointment with Public Image LTD the Salon and give a new color a try. You will be happily surprised.

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