Shampoos That Are Vegan-Friendly

Having luscious locks is the ultimate hair goal for most, but finding a vegan-friendly shampoo can prove to be troublesome for vegans everywhere. Here are five tried and tested vegan-friendly shampoos that all animal lovers can use. Whether it’s to tame the mane or get a sexy shine, there is something for all budgets and styles. 

1. Giovanni – Smooth as Silk Vegan Shampoo

For those whose hair has become unruly year-round, this one is for you. Giovanni’s ‘Smooth as Silk Vegan Shampoo‘ will load hair with moisture eliminating the dreaded frizz. Hair will be left shiny and soft when using this magic miracle shampoo.

2. Beauty Without Cruelty – Daily Benefits

Beauty Without Cruelty’s ‘Daily Benefits’ shampoo is one of the more affordable vegan-friendly shampoos on the market. Packed with 100% pure organic essential oils, this little beauty will strengthen and protect hair. Ideal for those who typically use heated rollers, dryers, and straighteners and who have to deal with heat damaged hair.

3. Trader Joe’s – Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo

Infused with botanicals such as peppermint, tea tree, and eucalyptus, Trader Joe’s ‘Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo‘ is a wake-up call for the senses. Have hair that feels squeaky clean, as this product cleanses and protects every strand on your head. Add its matching conditioner to create the perfect duo.

4. Puracy – Citrus and Mint Non-Toxic Shampoo

Whatever the hair type, Puracy’s ‘Citrus and Mint Non-Toxic Shampoo‘ will work well with normal, oily, and fine hair. The shampoo itself is 100% biodegradable and has the added benefit of being gluten-free. If you find you are unsure where your hair condition lands, then this is the perfect all-arounder to start with.

5. Christina Moss – Natural Organic Shampoo

Suited best to fine hair, Christina Moss’s ‘Natural Organic Shampoo‘ has been fifteen research years in the making. A little more on the pricey side, this beauty is 100% natural and organic, and will not disappoint. It is worth paying a little extra to eliminate all those chemical nasties, especially if prone to having sensitive skin or scalp. Ultimately, with this shampoo, you get what you pay for.

Vegan ethics no longer need to be compromised when trying to find the perfect shampoo to match whatever hair type. Whether hair is sensitive and fine or heat-damaged and frizzy, there is a shampoo that will match for the best results. Perfect, since none of our furry friends were harmed in the process

The Perfect Alternative Shampoo

While the KMS Hair products are not developed according to the strict guidelines of the vegan policy and are not on the list of vegan-friendly shampoos, many of the KMS hair products, including their shampoos, do not contain animal-derived ingredients. Below is a list of a few KMS products that are free of animal-derived ingredients.

  • CURLUP Control Creme and Perfection Lotion
  • THERMASHAPE Straightening Creme and Hot Flex Spray
  • HAIRPLAY Molding Paste

For a list of the KMS shampoos that are free from animal-derived ingredients, contact Public Image LTD the Salon. They will be happy to provide all of the information you need regarding the KMS product line of shampoos.

5 Tried and Tested Vegan-Friendly Shampoos

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