Bushy Hair to Sleek Hair

This article is for women with thick, bushy hair, who wish to shape and streamline it for a sleeker, more graceful look. It lists and outlines five simple ways to produce this desired effect, while also pointing out that abundant hair can be a bonus.

If your hair is thick and bushy, that’s great: you’ll be the envy of all those with thin, flat hair. But if you wish your abundant mop to look a little more sleek and shapely to suit your personal preferences, why not? Here are 5 simple ways to achieve that more streamlined effect, so see which ones work best for you, and pick and mix them to suit.

So, let’s get started transforming bushy hair to sleek hair.

1. Use a shampoo designed for dry hair

A shampoo for dry or fly-away hair will control brittleness and frizz. The softening, moistening powers of the solution will rein it in, making it more manageable.

We recommend two products. First, Goldwell Dualsenses Just Smooth Taming Shampoo. This shampoo detangles the hair, leaves it frizz-free, making the hair soft with a beautiful shine. Second, KMS Moist Repair Shampoo and Conditioner. These products replenish moisture, reduce hair breakage and repairs damage, restoring hair to a sleeker and softer look and feel.

Avoid washing too frequently, even with this supportive shampoo type, as every wash will sweep away essential natural oils, also needed for their soothing powers.

2. Wear a cap while drying

After washing, comb your hair down firmly over your scalp. When it’s nearly dry, pull a close-fitting cap, hat, or scarf over it to sustain its close hold around your head as it dries off.

For hair below the line of your head covering, press the uncovered locks down over your neck and shoulders, and secure them in place with a shawl or towel until dry. Then keep the close-pressed arrangement intact by restricting any combing or brushing to light, surface strokes only. By compressing your drying hair in these ways, you can reduce its bulk and create graceful contours.

3. Layer and taper

If your hair is very thick and bulky, it will benefit from a little thinning. You can do this in several ways: by tapering the ends, layering from the top downwards, or working through with thinning scissors. You can find directions for all these techniques online, with examples and demonstrations. But avoid over-thinning, especially with dry, brittle hair, as it could produce a ragged, jagged effect. Light thinning once a month or two is probably all your hair needs.

As many of us do not have the knowledge and know-how to properly cut our hair it is best to go to a salon where layering and tapering can be done with expertise.

4. Tie it back

Thick hair can look very attractive in a loose topknot, bun, or ponytail. The abundant volume provides a striking frame for the eyes and cheekbones, as well as height on top, while the rest of the mane is neatly shaped and contained. A loose fastening tie back will provide a pleasing balance between control and abundance, allowing for graceful curves and curls.

5. Control with accessories

A clip at one side of your head will hold the hair back from your face while producing a lustrous cascade past its outline. Tuck the hair on the other side behind your ear for contrast and balance. If you have a central parting, a clip at each side will also be flattering, giving a shapely symmetry to your portrait image.

A hairband will also add shape and contrast, with its firm, flat outline against your rolling locks. Try narrow and wide bands for the different effects they create. You could add to the fun by experimenting with different colors and designs, too.

Your gorgeous abundance of hair will catch every eye with its new, sleek look. But if it insists on running wild some days, take pride in its vibrancy and let it fly free. Remember: thick hair is a blessing.

Bushy Hair To Sleek Hair, Transform Today

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