Common Hair Myths That Are Not True

People consider their hair to be the crowns of their heads. But, what if we told you there were several hair myths and truths out there that you may not know the difference between?

There’s no need to start freaking out over whether you’ve bought into these hair care myths because we’re here to help you out. Get ready to read myths about hair growth and hair loss as you continue to scroll through this guide.

1. Hair Washing Routine Stops Hair Growth

We’re sure you’ve heard that washing your hair frequently can stop you from losing hair and cause your hair to start growing. This isn’t true; in fact, overwashing your hair can have the opposite effect.

This is because it removes the vital oils from your scalp that moisturize it. It’s essential to cleanse your hair regularly to promote healthy hair, but it won’t stop you from losing your hair or suddenly make it grow down your back.

You should speak with your hairstylist about how often to shampoo your hair and the different hairstyles you can wear between salon visits. It will also help if you choose a shampoo and conditioner that doesn’t weigh your hair down.

2. Plucking a Gray Hair Means More Gray Hair

You’ve spotted gray hair on your head and are doing everything you can not pluck it out because it means more will grow with a vengeance. The reason your hair turns gray is that the pigment cells that can be found within your hair follicle are no longer producing any melanin.

Plucking the hair out won’t increase the follicles that return in their place. It also won’t mean that you won’t begin to see gray hairs in other places as time continues.

3. Cut Your Hair and It Grows in Thicker

To grow your hair thicker, your scalp and the hair follicles have to be strong. You can do several things to promote healthier and thicker hair growth, but shaving your head isn’t one of them.

If you shave your head, it’s not going to increase the health of your hair; it’s only going to take a bit longer for your hair to grow back. Instead, you should visit your local salon regularly to have your hair trimmed and a hair treatment to improve the overall health of your hair.

4. Conditioning the Hair Makes it Greasy

Conditioning your hair doesn’t make your hair greasy; it’s the oil on your scalp that makes your hair greasy. If you notice the buildup on your scalp isn’t going away during your hair washing routine, there are a couple of things that could be happening:

  • You’re not washing your hair properly
  • The shampoo and conditioner aren’t made for you

Your hairstylist can help you find a combination that works for you and your hair type and recommend hair services to help with the greasiness of your hair.

5. Stress Causes Gray Hair

With age melanin in hair decreases, resulting in the growth of gray hair. As we age, hair follicles produce less color resulting in new gray hair growth. In this case, stress is not causing gray hair.

On another note, stress can cause hair to shed three times faster than usual. Stress can result in telogen effluvium hair loss where hair follicles are pushed into a resting state followed by a shedding phase resulting in hair loss.

6. Wearing a Hat Causes Hair Loss and Baldness

Genetic and hormonal factors are what cause hair loss. For example, in males sensitive to the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), hair follicles can shrink, leading to hair loss.

Hair Myths and Truths

There are so many hair myths and truths out there that are easy to mix up, but we’ve set the record straight for you. Conditioning your hair doesn’t make it greasy and put down that razor because it won’t make your hair grow thicker.

Before doing anything to your hair, the first thing you need to do is request an appointment with Public Image LTD The Salon and let one of their experts help you get your hair on the right track.