Guide To Easy Hair Care Tips for Long Hair

So who has long hair? Who had short hair and now have long? For those with long hair, many wish and work hard to have luminous and voluminous hair. But how do we do just that?

Below we share a few easy hair care tips for long hair and how to get the beautiful hair you struggle with.

Easy Hair Care Tips To Follow

Long hair is slightly more difficult to care for than short hair, however many of the hair care steps are the same.


Long hair tends to tangle more often; therefore, it is vital always to use a conditioner while washing your hair. This will alleviate tangling and damage to your hair when brushing it.

The Goldwell Dualsenses Rich Repair shampoo and conditioner are an excellent choice. The duo of shampoo and conditioner work well together. It’s like mixing the perfect cocktail to get the best taste and result. These products intensely and effectively reconstruct, repair, and restore the hair’s inner structure achieving thorough regeneration.

Hair Drying

Avoid using a hairdryer whenever possible. Dry your hair naturally to avoid damage from heat.

Styling Tools

Use high-quality styling tools to prevent heat damage when styling your hair. When it comes to your hair’s volume and beauty, don’t settle for the cheaper version of styling tools. It will be well worth it as the better products will make a world of difference. However, the less expensive versions may leave your hair frizzy and with heat damage.

When styling it is crucial to use the right products. The Goldwell line of signature styles has products for all types of hair. Are you looking for extra volume, more curls and waves, a creative texture or simply smooth? This line has you covered with powders, gels, sprays, and mouse for each need.

An added tip try to minimize the number of times you use these styling tools in a month.


Use a large brush and brush gently. Use even strokes to avoid tangling.

Avoid yanking or pulling on tangles that do occur. Instead, work on a small section of the hair and comb it out gently to avoid damaging it further.


Avoid harsh chemicals whenever possible. This includes chlorinated water. If you use a pool or whirlpool, make sure that you rinse your hair afterward to get rid of any chemical residue. Or perhaps, when you are alone, maybe doing a few laps, put on a shower cap. This will keep your hair from getting wet and can also can prevent it from getting bleached from the sun.

Hair Trimming

You may not realize how essential hair trimming is and especially for long hair. Not only does a trim remove split ends and promote hair growth, but it also makes styling easier as the split ends are eliminated. When styling is easier, tangling and damage to hair are drastically reduced.

So make sure you schedule that haircutting appointment sooner than later. Trimming every twelve to fifteen weeks will make your hair healthier and more voluminous.

Easy Hair Care Tips For Long Hair The Bottom Line

Follow these six easy hair care tips for long hair and you will find your hair will look so much better. When it looks more beautiful, you will be happier and with happiness comes less stress.

To schedule an appointment with an expert team of hair artists who can get you on your way to healthy, luminous, voluminous, and beautiful hair, contact The Public Image LTD Salon. We are located in Wayne, New Jersey, in Passaic County. For those who live a bit further away, remember this is your hair, so the extra time driving will be well worth it. For new clients, give us a try. We are confident you will be pleased.