Flattering Face Framing Highlights You Do Not Want To Miss

Your face is a work of art that deserves to be beautifully framed—by your hair. 

But when it comes to face framing highlights, there are different ways to achieve the best results depending on your hairstyle and color. Knowing which technique to use depending on these variables will help you put your best face forward. 

If you’re curious how to properly use face framing when highlighting your hair, read on to learn more.

What are Face Framing Highlights?

These face framing highlights use foils along the hair bordering your face. The end result is a “frame” of hair that stands out from the rest of the hair’s color, and also accentuates the best features of your face. You can also use face framing strategically to draw attention away from other features. 

This technique works well with hair coloring techniques such as balayage. These framing highlights are relatively easy to maintain with the right products made for color-treated hair. The highlights will blend into the surrounding hair naturally if the highlights aren’t renewed. 

1. Face Framing Highlights on Dark Hair

There are certain ways to achieve the best face framing highlights on dark hair. If you have brown hair, then you will want to use darker blonde “honey” tones as highlights that can really bring out the eyes. 

If you have dark brown or black hair, then follow the rule to not go one or two shades lighter than that for highlights (unless you’re really trying to make a statement.) Ultimately, the highlights should complement your skin tone. 

2. Face Framing Blonde Highlights

If you have lighter hair already, you can still achieve face framing highlights that look great. Parting your hair, you can go platinum blonde just at the front (from the roots) to achieve success. Or you can go one or two shades lighter to create a more subtle look that still frames well. 

You can also use blonde highlights on darker hair to create a bolder look. Honey-blonde highlights look great on black hair, for example. 

3. Face Framing For Short Hair

If you have short hair or a stacked bob, you can still achieve nice face framing highlights. You can opt for honey blonde highlights just at the front for a lasting impression. 

If you prefer an updo, you can get a bit more creative by adding highlights along the crown, which can actually change the appearance of your face shape. If you prefer a knot at the top, you can add some highlights to it as well. 

4. Highlights Just Around the Face

With any type of hair, you don’t have to go deep to get the effect. A subtle or bold highlight just around the edges closest to the face will achieve the look you’re going for. 

You can make the highlights look natural like they are the result of being sun-kissed rather than foiled. 

5. Face Framing Highlights With Bangs

Whether you have traditional or curtain bangs, you can use the highlights right in the bangs and let them flow naturally down the sides as they approach the chin. This approach can make the face look wider. 

6. Face Framing with Vibrant Colors

Colorful face-framing streaks have become a hot new trend. Whether you want to add pink, purple, or any color around a particular holiday, the effect can be vivid and striking if done right. Selecting a hairstylist who has experience with this type of coloring is vital.

Your Stylist Can Highlight Your Look

No matter what hair color or style you currently have, you can achieve great face framing highlights with the skill of one of our stylists. 

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