Natural Treatments for Hair Loss

Hair loss results from many factors, with your genetic history being one of the most important ones. You cannot treat or prevent everything that contributes to your hair loss, but you may be able to reverse or counteract some of them.

There are natural options that many believe help to stop, slow, or prevent hair loss. Some have been used to treat hair loss for millennia, while others have only recently become trendy. Below, we will look at some of the most promising and popular natural treatments for hair loss. 

1. Scalp Massage

The argument for massage as a treatment for hair loss is that the pressure and stretching from a massage stimulates your hair follicles to encourage growth. For the best results, you should massage your scalp daily. The recommended massage method involves using the fingertips to rub your scalp in a circular motion. If you have limited mobility, try one of the many affordable battery-powered and manual devices designed specifically for scalp massage. Massaging your can also help with stress and tension, which are common causes of hair loss. 

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is one of the oldest treatments for hair loss in existence. Aloe vera works by removing hair follicle clogs and by acting as a balm for the scalp. Some experts believe that aloe’s polysaccharides and glycoproteins are beneficial for general skin health and that those benefits extend to hair as well. Apply fresh aloe vera 3 to 4 times per week for maximum hair growth. 

3. Fish Oil

Fish oil has the ability to encourage hair growth listed among its numerous health benefits. The omega fatty acids it contains not only help to combat hair loss, but they also improve the thickness of individual strands as well as hair density. Their effects on overall physical health may also improve hair health. 

4. Nutritious Foods or Supplements

Your body needs several nutrients to grow new hair, and protein is chief among them. Increase your dietary intake of foods such as nuts, eggs, and legumes. You also need iron, some of which you can get from the aforementioned legumes, but you may need to supplement it with greens like spinach and with lean meat, particularly beef. You should also take in more foods that are rich in zinc since zinc is important for hair health. Commonly recommended zinc-rich foods include pumpkin seeds. Bone broth is another valuable food for treating hair loss since it contains a lot of collagen. Collagen will have benefits for your skin as well as for your hair. 

5. Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto was first used by the Native Americans. To treat hair loss and other health problems, you consume the saw palmetto berry either whole (fresh or dried) or as an extract. It has various health benefits and shows promise as a hair loss treatment. Researchers have found that men suffering from male pattern baldness and who used saw palmetto topically saw modest improvements in their hair counts. 

6. Caffeine 

The ingredient that makes coffee popular may also have some benefits when it comes to hair growth. Some research points to the fact that caffeine can have a neutralizing effect on dihydrotestosterone. Commonly shortened to DHT, dihydrotestosterone is a hormone derived from testosterone and which is well known to cause hair loss.

There is no guaranteed solution for hair loss, but the 6 Natural Treatments for Hair Loss above may be helpful for some people. If the natural options fail to remedy the problem, read on to see a few products that the clients of Public Image Salon are liking.

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