Check Out the Top 6 Bridal Hair Trends of the Year 2021

Timeless Wedding Hair Trends 2021

Thousands of couples scheduled to marry in 2020 ended up post-postponing their ceremonies due to the Covid-19 pandemic. While these decisions were surely disappointing when they were being made, couples are saying it was also a great opportunity to forget all the distractions and focus on their love for each other. 

Not surprisingly, 2021 is proving to be a very busy time in the wedding industry as so many couples finally get to say their “I do’s” in front of their family and friends. As the brides who were in a holding pattern for a year started to re-plan their wedding, they couldn’t help but take that new found perspective on life and love and bring it to their celebration.

Brides are lighter, freer and far less formal in 2021. We are even seeing it reflected in the hairstyles they are choosing both for themselves and their bridesmaids. After a year of giving their hair a break and growing comfortable with their natural textures, brides are choosing relaxed and natural looks to fit the direction their hair (and their personal life) has gone in. Check out the most popular wedding hair trends of 2021.

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are a great option because they are simple and can tie together the entire look of the wedding. Headbands are a popular trend this year because they allow the bride to keep her natural look while still making her hair look extra special. Brides are also adding decorative hairpins to natural hair.

Hair Down

6 Timeless Wedding Hair Trends 2021

This look lets the bride be herself and use the natural beauty of her everyday hair be the accessory. Whether she chooses a more tousled look or a sleek and wavy approach is more about her personality and mood than it is about the right style. This minimalist approach exudes understated elegance.


Ponytails are not just for working out at the gym in 2021. Brides who may have spent the last year at home in a ponytail discovered how beautiful they looked in such a simple style and are decided to jazz up their go-to look for their big day. Building texture for a fuller look and adding a scarf for the tie turns the ponytail into a masterpiece.

Long braids

6 Timeless Wedding Hair Trends 2021

Brides are returning to the classics that have withstood the test of time and hair fads. The braid can be as simple as a loosely plaited single braid or as intricate and textured as a four-plaited braid. Either way, a braid is a beautiful face framer that always looks youthful and natural.

Half Up

Pulling the hair half up is a timeless look that never goes out of style. Brides in 2021 are taking the half-up look and keeping it natural to stay in line with the latest trends. The pull-up is not tight and formal this year. Brides are going for a messy look and then pulling the sides back loosely.

Messy Bun

6 Timeless Wedding Hair Trends 2021

The bun has been a bridal go-to for centuries and that has not changed in 2021. But this year it will not be the same old bun we are used to. Brides are putting their own carefree flair to the long-standing tradition. The key to this hairstyle is making sure that every hair is NOT in place. Rogue pieces are what create this picture of whimsical elegance.

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