How To Style Your Wet Hair After Swimming

With the warm weather fast approaching, we are all finding ourselves relaxing and splashing in the pool and or riding the waves in the ocean. Nothing beats a lap in the pool or a cannonball off a diving board when it is 90 degrees and the sun is blazing.

The only problem with all this fun in the sun is that it leaves our hair wet, limp and stringy. This is not so bad if we are alone or heading right inside to take a shower. But it is not the best look for hanging out at a neighborhood barbecue or networking at a company picnic.

Here are some gorgeous, quick and easy ways to style your hair when you come out of the pool so that you do not have to choose between an active lifestyle and fashion. These wet hair hacks are not meant to hide your hair. Instead, they are a fashion statement unto themselves. No need to put on a hat. Try these styles instead.

Messy Bun

6 Wet Hair Styling Tips After Swimming

The messy bun is the ultimate tool for turning a bad hair day into a sexy up do. Put your hair in a pony tail at the top of your head. Do not pull the second tail all the way out. Then here is the great part – do whatever you want. Pin in sections, wrap sections in the hair tie, let sections dangle. 

Tight Pony Tail

6 Wet Hair Styling Tips After Swimming, tight ponytail

This is a great way to go from swimming to work or a night party. Comb your hair through and slick it back tightly. Tie in a very tight ponytail. It is as simple as that and you will look chic and stylish .

Sleek Comb Back

6 Wet Hair Styling Tips After Swimming, sleed comb back

If you do not feel like tying your hair back, this style lets you keep your hair long. Simply comb back and either use a head band or pull behind your ears. You’re ready to go.

French Braid

6 Wet Hair Styling Tips After Swimming

One French braid is an easy way to look elegant and put together. Start at the top of your head and start the braiding all the way down the back. This braid dries beautifully. Nobody will ever be able to tell that you started out wet.

Two Simple Braids

6 Wet Hair Styling Tips After Swimming

This tried and true traditional hairstyle is making a comeback as a sexy and fun summer do. It is as simple as it sounds. Just take your wet hair and make two braids, one on each side of your head. You will look casual yet elegant. Better yet, when you take the braids out your hair will have a gorgeous wave.

Double and Triple Bun

6 Wet Hair Styling Tips After Swimming, double or triple bun

The double bun is easy to achieve with all kinds of looks. They can be messy or neat and clean.

However, the triple bun is a very unique take on the traditional bun that will guarantee that you will get lots of attention for your style and not your damp hair. Part your hair in three separate ponytails that go from the top of your head to the base of your neck. Braid each ponytail. Wrap each braid around its base and secure it with pins. Voila! You are the most interesting person in the room.

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