Tricks To Make Hair Look Thicker

This article lists and describes eight simple ways to make thin hair look thicker. These include looping it up with clips, trimming it straight across, curling it and sweeping it over from a side parting, besides washing and drying tips.

No two people have exactly the same type of hair, so if yours is thinner than your friend’s, that’s just natural. That said, you may wish to make it look thicker for your own satisfaction, and there are plenty of simple ways to create this effect.

Here are eight suggestions:

Trim Straight Across

When trimming your hair, avoid tapering the ends, as this will add to the thin, lanky look you want to avoid. A straight, horizontal snip right around will produce a crisp outline and a chunky appearance. Layering is more effective in adding thickness and bounce when higher up your hair flow, such as halfway up your scalp, but keep any layering limited and lightly spread.

Wash Often, with a Thickening Shampoo

Hair tends to look thicker when grease-free, so frequent washing will help. Use a shampoo for greasy hair to support this process, or look out for one that pledges to build body or volume. Then blow-dry your hair to let the air in, lifting the locks high with the comb and letting them fall slowly. This way, you’ll produce an attractively lustrous, cushioned effect.

We recommend the GrandeHAIR Rejuvenation Serum. It strengthens and thickens hair for a much fuller look.

Comb Back, Then Sweep Forward

Brush your hair in the opposite direction from the one you want it to fall in. If in doubt, sweep it backward, then gently forwards, to frame your face and neck. This switch in direction will force the hair to rise up and over in reaching its required position, creating height and bulk in the process. This is particularly effective after washing, especially if you leave the final, forward sweep until it’s almost dry.

Back-Comb or Ruffle Up

Going out on a breezy day can be helpful, as the wind will whip up your hair and bulk it out with extra air. On still days and indoors, you can create this effect by ruffling up your hair. Light back-combing will also fluff it up nicely, though this is not recommended for very fine hair, as it could get tangled and knotted in the proce5. Wear a hairband

A hairband can be very handy for covering thin or flat hair on the scalp, also drawing attention away from the thinness of visible hair. The wider and more colorful the band, the better it will serve you this way. What’s more, your hair will probably spring up from its pressure, producing attractive lines of bouncy thickness along each outer edge of the band.

Bunch it Up with Hair Slides

If your hair is long enough to loop, take locks from the front, one on each side of your face, raising them up and back with a slight twist, then secure them loosely with hair clips. The loose grip will add to the volume created. Alternatively, lift and clip a single lock on top of your head, and forward-comb the falling locks at each side. This will provide an attractive extra layer of hair over your ears and around your face. It will also create thickness and height on top. You could add to the effect by using large, chunky clips.7. Part hair far to one side, for thickness opposite

Side Part It

A side parting will naturally distribute more hair on one side than the other. Make the most of this by drawing your parting even further to one side than its natural position, to produce an abundant sweep of hair across your forehead and down the opposite side of your face and neck. With long hair, you can extend the effect by bringing it all forward over your shoulder. Conceal the thinness of the remaining hair on the parting side by tucking it behind your ear or by hooking it up with a clip, so it falls in a cascade. If going out, perhaps wear a hat tilted over that side of your head and highlight the gorgeous sweep.

Curl It

If your hair curls easily, twist it into ringlets around your face when drying it. This will fringe your features prettily with its thick, rolling outline, and give an impression of abundance. But if your hair won’t curl naturally, don’t waste time trying to force it. Straight hair has a different advantage, producing a solider, heavier look. If your hair is straight, therefore, a neat fringe will compensate for a lack of curls.

Use Accessories

Experiment with your hair and any accessories available to find more thickening tricks. But remember, hair does not have to be thick to be beautiful, so take pride in yours and its unique, natural features.

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