Are Bangs in Style for 2022?

Are bangs in style for 2022 or are they quickly going out the window? If you’re thinking about the types of bangs out there, the truth is they’re a timeless style that isn’t leaving the beauty salon anytime soon.

The real question is, what types of wispy bangs should you ask your stylist for? Get ready to watch the hair fall away after you check out some of the best bang styles for 2022!

Are Bangs in Style for 2022?, slanted bangs

The Slanted Bang

When you hear about the slanted bang style, you should immediately think of Taraji P. Henson in the movie I Can Do Bad All By Myself. It’s a style that instantly makes you look like the baddie you are, but with an air of professionalism.

If you’ve got medium-length bangs that are growing out or are longer than you’d like them to be, this is the style for you. 

Are Bangs in Style for 2022?, short bangs

Blunt Short Bangs

A blunt bang is a way to make a statement and frame your face at the same time. A blunt bang is also known as a baby bang because it’s shorter than you could imagine it being.

This form of bangs is excellent for people that have straight yet thick hair. It’s also a fantastic style if you’re looking to do something bold that helps you stand out from others around you.

Are Bangs in Style for 2022?

Curtain Fringe

You’ve heard of curtain bangs before, but now the curtain fringe bang is making its way into the new year. Curtain fringe falls on both sides of your face and can be combined with a slanted haircut or worn in a side part.

If you’ve gotten your hair cut in varying lengths in the past, this is the haircut for you. Not only does it make your length work, but it also makes the difference appear intentional.

Longe Fringe Bangs

Whenever we think of long fringe bangs, we think of the trendy musician playing several instruments. This bang is a must-have if you’re looking for something that will frame any face shape effortlessly.

Another reason to opt for this cut is that it works well with any haircut, whether long or short. Not to mention, much like the curtain fringe, it works when your hair is at different lengths.

The Textured Bang

The textured bang is best for those that have curly or textured hair. You can play with it and make it fun by having your stylist give you a sassy and edgy haircut to match your bangs.

When you have textured bangs, you can wear them as is or straight, and they will look great no matter what.

Are Bangs in Style for 2022?

Every year, people keep asking, “Are bangs in style?” But in this article, we’ve answered the question. Bangs will always be in style because there are many ways to wear them, from textured to slanted.

It’s about finding the right kind of bangs for you. Book an appointment with Public Image LTD The Salon if you’re ready to have your hair cut and take on the bang trend.

Our stylist can help you achieve the bangs that will look incredible on you.