Researchers estimate at least 30 percent of people have thin or fine hair. You may think there are hairstyles you can’t have because of your hair. In fact, your stylist may have told you that you can’t have a particular type of haircut for your long, thin straight hair. We’re here to change your thinking. In fact, there’s no haircut you can’t try. The important thing to remember with long, thin hair is finding ways to add volume. Here are some suggestions for the best hairstyles for long, thin hair.

Hair Cut for Thin Hair to Look Thicker

There are several haircuts women with thin hair can try to make it look thicker. One of the best is the blunt cut. The blunt cut works really well for thin hair because it keeps long hair from weighing layers down. The blunt cut can be softened, or it can be hard-core punk rock. How you style the layers is up to you. Another great cut for long hair is a longer bob cut — or a lob — with a deep side part. This cut gives the impression of fuller hair with more volume.

You can also make long, thin hair look thicker by doing an angled bob or lob with lots of layers. The angled bob draws the eye to the fullness of the hair. Also, the layers help increase the volume of the hair itself. Again, the more you can put strategic layers in, the thicker your hair will look.

Haircuts for Long, Thin Hair and a Round Face

If you have a round face paired with thin hair, you may feel you are at a disadvantage. That’s because a lot of stylists will simply style your hair to cover your face, which doesn’t always work. There are some styles that work really well with long hair. The bob is a great haircut for people with round faces. Also, if you have some volume at the crown of your bob, your hair will look fuller. Shaggy bobs with loose waves are a great way to frame your round face.

Also, you may want to think about styling a bob with bangs for your next haircut. A bob with bangs can create a picture frame around your face and de-emphasize your cheeks.

You might also want to style your hair up in a side bun and add bangs. That way, you have framed your face beautifully.

Haircuts for Long Thin Hair with an Oval Face

There are also several kinds of haircuts for people who have long thin hair with oval faces. If this is you, then you are lucky. Women with oval faces can wear nearly every hairstyle. If you have thin hair, you will want layers near your chin, cheekbones or lips. This will not only help your hair look thicker or fuller, but it will also help frame your face. For example, you may want to style your long hair into loose waves, which emphasizes your face. You might also want to do a graduated shag cut. Many women with oval faces and thin hair love the shag cut. It makes your hair look thicker and it’s also trendy and edgy.

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