Highlights for Short Wavy Hairstyles

Short wavy hairstyles can be cute, sophisticated or sexy. This style is suited for all ages, and it’s easy to care for without a lot of fuss. Short hairstyles are perfect for any lifestyle, especially for women who live very active lives. When you need a hairstyle that is easy to maintain but allows your unique personality to shine, the short wavy styles are a great option.

Even if your hair is naturally straight, you can create a wavy look using styling tools and products so anyone can enjoy this fantastic look. You can also color your hair to give it a more dramatic appearance, but it takes on a whole new look when you add highlights. Highlighting your hair creates a more dramatic effect than what you’ll have with a single shade of color. 

There are many different ways to highlight short wavy hairstyles. The best one for you will depend on how you want others to perceive you. 

Add a Subtle Touch of Color

If you work in an office-type environment or one with a strict dress code, you may need your hair color to appear natural. This way, bold colors in your hair will not be a distraction to co-workers and potential clients. You can quickly achieve this by using a highlight that is only a shade or two lighter than your normal hair color. This will give it more flare but keep it subtle enough for work.

The Dramatic Effect

If you’re searching for a way to scream your individuality and show off your creativity through your hair, use bold colors. Short wavy hairstyles look amazing when you randomly add a touch of blue, red, pink, or any other unusual color throughout your hair. The color of your highlights will depend on your natural hair color. For example, burgundy highlights look stunning on blonde hair, while blonde highlights look fantastic on black hair. 

Using bold colors will grab the attention of everyone you meet, and you can control how much attention you get by the number of highlights you add. Many colors will automatically get you the most attention, while only a little color will get you noticed without being too extreme. 

Create a Little Excitement in Your Style

When your goal is to add a touch of excitement to your style without being overly dramatic, you have several options.

If you have bangs, highlight them along with random sections of the hair using a contrasting color. For example, adding red or copper to black hair is certainly an eye-opener.

Another option is to highlight just the top layer of your hair or the tips. Short wavy hairstyles are very trendy, and a few highlights for short wavy hair can add interest and creativity to your style. 

Ready To Add Highlights To Your Short Wavy Hairstyle?

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