Experts have estimated that as many as 30 million women and 50 million men have hair loss. One of the symptoms of hair loss is a receding hairline. If you have a receding hairline, you may not know which kind of haircuts are right for you. We have some suggestions for great hairstyles for a receding hairline in females.

What Is A Receding Hairline?

If you have a receding hairline, it means your hair is no longer growing. In women, this usually means you begin to lose hair on the top of your head. Where you lose hair depends on your family’s history of hair loss. For some women, the hair begins to thin at the part. Other women notice they’re losing hair in a V-shaped pattern on the top of their heads. Each woman’s hair loss is different. Some women try to mask the hair loss with products. However, with receding hairlines, your stylist can be your best friend. The right haircut can be the difference your hair needs.

What’s the Best Haircut for a Receding Hairline?

Long, Choppy Haircut

You may be wondering, “How do you style a receding hairline?” There are several hairstyles that can help. First, you may want to try a long, choppy look. If your hair is thin or fine all over, this hairstyle might not work for you. However, if you are just facing a receding hairline, the chopped look with bangs could be the perfect disguise.


Are bangs good for a receding hairline? In many cases, bangs can completely hide a receding hairline. However, you need to focus on wispy bangs rather than severe bangs. A heavy, severe bang not only ages you, but it also draws attention to your hairline, rather than deflect from it. The best bangs for a receding hairline are those that are wispy or fluffy. These bangs can accompany nearly every kind of haircut you can imagine.

Bobs and Front Layers

If you have curly hair, bangs may not be an option for you. Instead, you can opt for layers in the front, which would mask your hairline. A lob or a bob might be a good option for you if you have curly hair. Bobs are very versatile. You can have them styled as short as your jawline, or as long as your shoulders. How short or long you wear your bob is up to you. If you do get a bob, you may want to try a deep part on the side of your hair. Not only are they in fashion, but they are also great at hiding a receding hairline.


Crops are another good suggestion for a haircut if you have a receding hairline. Asymmetrical crops diffuse the severity of the cut and allow you to wear your hair in waves. Waves are great for hiding this type of hairline. Also, an asymmetrical crop with a deep side part can work wonders to disguise thinning hair. Crops work for nearly every kind of hair type. And, while crops have been around for a while, they never look dated. Crops look modern and fresh on nearly everyone.

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