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2019 Trending Hot Haircuts & Hairstyles for Women

Throughout the year, there are women who want to change their haircuts or hairstyles. Eventually, everyone gets bored with the same old thing. More than any other time of year, it seems summer is the time to try something new. With that in mind, we have been looking...

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Top 5 Natural Remedies for Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss is a common problem every woman has to contend with at some point in her life due to hormonal changes and other factors. According to statistics, almost 50 percent of women experience some form of hair loss by the time they are 50. While it is normal to...

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Just What Is Hair Painting, the Hot New Trend!

There is always a new trend that happens for spring and summer. Lots of people want to have new, lighter hair to match their lighter attitudes when summer rolls around. You may have heard about this year’s trend: hair painting. But what exactly is painted...

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Skin Refresh Facial

Every so often, we look in the mirror and see dull and tired skin. Maybe it’s been a few weeks since our last facial or we’ve been lacking the proper rest. So many factors affect your skin, and eventually the cells build up. If you’re ready for a skin pick me up, the...

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What Hair Color Says About You and Your Personality

There are plenty of myths surrounding hair color. You may have heard the expressions “dumb blonde” or “fiery redhead” describe women who have either blonde or red hair. Does hair color affect your personality? We discuss hair color psychology below. Who knows? Reading...

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Going from Brunette to Blonde – What You Should Know

Are you a brunette? How lucky you are! Brunettes have such rich, glossy brown shades in their hair! However, like all of us, you may tire of your hair color from time to time. If you're bored with your brunette locks and want a change, we can help! First, though,...

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Why Double Cleanse?

A lot of people I know will hastily swipe a makeup wipe or any old soap over their skin. I won’t yell at you, but hopefully by the end of this blog I can convince you to do otherwise. Most makeup remover wipes contain lots of drying alcohol, and you may not be using a...

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Hair Highlighting vs. Frosted Hair Coloring

Hair coloring is a popular beauty treatment that can instantly update your look and even bring out the natural undertones in your skin. Hair color can drastically change a person's look yet if the actual style or cut of the hair remains the same. There are several...

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How to Beat the Heat: Controlling Oil

As it continues to warm up outside, your face might take the heat. For some of us, warmer weather brings out excess oil in our skin. With this can come clogged pores, breakouts, and gross looking makeup. (Definitely not the glowy look you’ve been after!)! Luckily...

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