Pink hair is one of the newest trends for 2019, and the color continues to be trendy for 2020. Many people may want to try pink hair but are afraid to do something so drastic.

Want to find a shade of pink hair dye permanent color to try? Then, we have a palette for you. We can help you find the right shade of pink for you.

Dark Pink Hair

Dark pink hair is a bright shade. It’s dramatic. People with darker coloring and dark hair look great with dark pink hair. In addition, people with very fair skin can also look amazing with dark pink hair. Do you have concerns about having dark pink hair close to your face? Then, you may want to try a pink hair ombre look. You could have a lighter pink color close to your face. And, as you move away from your face, the shades will darken. You may also want to try dark pink hair with an even darker root smudge.

Pastel Pink Hair Dye

This is one of our favorite hair colors. One reason we love it so much is that pastel pink hair dye looks good on every skin tone. Whether you’re the palest blonde or the darkest brown, pastel pink hair dye works for your style. If your roots are dark, you may want to leave them brown or black and begin to color the tresses. Pastel pink hair dye also comes in many shades from baby pink to rose gold. You’re sure to find something you’ll love.

Pink Hair Highlights

If you don’t want to commit fully to solid pink hair, why not try pink highlights? You can choose to have pastel pink highlights in your blonde hair. You might also want to do darker pink highlights in darker hair colors. As with pastel pink dye, pink hair highlights come in a variety of colors. The best part about getting highlights is they fade quickly. You can also experiment with different shades and find the perfect one for your hair.

Pink Hair Tips

Public Image hair colorists are happy to offer you several tips for keeping your pink hair lustrous and beautiful for weeks.

  • First, you need to start with a healthy head of hair. Make sure your hair is in great condition before you have it colored.
  • Second, you need to make sure you’re using shampoo and conditioner that is color-friendly. There are a lot of great shampoos out there for color-treated hair.
  • Third, you will need to protect your pink tresses from the sun. Sunlight damages colored hair. Wear a scarf or a hat when you are out for long periods.
  • Also, make sure you try a pink shade that agrees with your skin tone and hair color.
  • Between colorings keep up with conditioning treatments.
  • Finally, if you have pink hair, you can have more than one shade. However, they should not clash. Make sure if you’re going to have different shades in your hair that they complement each other. You may want to start with a lighter shade and have deep pink or purple at the ends. Don’t be afraid to play with the color but ask your stylist for help choosing the right shades of pink.

Going pink on your own might sound easy, however, the chances are that you will not get the color you want are great. When dying hair with a color like pink it is always recommended to go to a hair salon where the hair colorists are highly experienced.

Goldwell Elumen Color

Are you ready to try something pure, vivid or striking? At Public Image Salon we use Goldwell Elemen color to get the color our clients want. The Elemen color palette has a wide range of the most impressive colors on the market today. From pastel to bright, deep and dark we can do it all. The Elumen color dye is free of any bleaching agents, ammonia or oxidants, therefore the dye itself will not damage hair. Follow the tips above and your hair will continue to look and feel beautiful.

Are you ready to color it pink? Let us help. Contact Public Image, LTD, the Salon, in Wayne, N.J., in Passaic County. For the past six years, Public Image has received Wayne Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Award for “Favorite Hair Salon.”