Does Stress Cause Gray Hair?

Can stress cause gray hair to occur prematurely? More than likely, someone at some point in time told you to stop stressing so much or you’ll turn gray. In fact, people have been saying that stress can cause your hair to turn gray for many years, but is it true or just a myth?

Most people expect their hair to start turning gray when they get older, usually in their late forties or fifties. However, many people turn gray in their twenties, and in many cases they seem to attribute this change in hair color to excessive stress.

Understanding Melanin’s Role in the Hair

A protein called melanin, produced by melanocyte cells determines your hair color. Dark melanin produces black hair, while light melanin produces blond hair, with many variations in between. Scientists have discovered that hair follicles turn white when they no longer produce melanin because they have no color.

When white follicles mix with the hair that still has color, you get the gray appearance. This is why many people have completely white hair–there is no pigmented hair left on the scalp or not enough of it to give the hair that gray color. So, can stress cause gray hair to occur prematurely? Well, it depends on whether or not stress can cause melanocytes cells to stop making melanin.

Why Does Melanin Production Stop?

There are several theories as to why this happens. Many have speculated that years of wear and tear on the body gradually cause the cells to stop producing melanin and of course, there is the theory that stress plays a major role in this process. However, scientists do not know for sure why melanocyte cells eventually stop making melanin.

So back to the question, can stress cause gray hair? There is no proof to support this statement at this time, and no known link officially made between stress and gray hair. As of now, the biggest factor in whether or not your hair turns gray when you’re in your twenties is genetics. Your genes will determine if you keep your naturally colored hair until you reach your late forties or fifties or if your hair turns gray at a much younger age.

What Else Contributes to Graying Hair?

However, it’s important to know that there are other factors linked officially with premature graying. For example, a few medical conditions, viruses, poor nutrition, and certain toxins found in the environment tend to contribute to this problem.

If you’re one of the many who are noticing gray hairs popping up at a very young age, you may be trying to decide if you should dye your gray hair. There are many factors to consider and the answer will be based on your individual situation.

Grey Hair Stress Reversal

Nevertheless, now that you have an answer to the oh so popular question, “can stress cause gray hair to occur prematurely?”, you can stop stressing over trying not to be stressed out so much.

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