It’s time for that special occasion you have been anxiously waiting for. We all want to look our best with our make-up and hair. Are you now stressing thinking about covering the greys with your normal hair color or even changing it? Or maybe you have been thinking about ditching those colors all together and enhancing the grey by going lighter or darker? 

If you are deciding on keeping the gray, most of us would wonder, “how would I look with gray hair? Let’s help you to sit back, relax, and learn to enjoy your new natural gray color wearing fabulous outfits that will enhance your look and make you look and feel beautiful.

You need to know that now you can wear all sorts of vibrant colors that probably didn’t suit you before. As a neutral tone, grey contrasts attractively with bright colors while also blending well with subtle shades. With this good news, why not branch out with some brand-new colors next time you’re shopping for clothes? These handy tips and suggestions below will see you on your way. There’s a section for dark grey hair and another for lighter greys, so pick whichever applies best to yours.

Dark Grey Hair

You can wear bright, warm colors with dark grey hair. Cherry-red, sunset-orange and brazen, shocking pink will look stunning, also bringing out the brown tints still present in your locks. Pale colors can also contrast attractively with darker shades of grey, contributing a spring-like freshness. Eggshell blue, primrose yellow or mint green will lighten your looks beautifully, as will a delicate pink. When possible, avoid dark colors, such as deep purple and bottle green, and murky shades like khaki and camel. They will do your hair tone no favors, producing a gloomy or muddy impression overall. If you’re off to a party and want a little glitz, don’t be afraid to wear gold. It will bring out the metallic tints in your hair splendidly.

Light Grey Hair

If your hair is light grey, you’ll be beautiful with dark colors as well as bright ones. Exotic purple or forest green will show up strikingly by contrast, and a deep crimson or burgundy will add warmth to your neutral tones. If you prefer pale tones, pick ones that will complement your pale grey hair, such as light blue or pink. How about a sparkle of silver, too, to pick up those silver strands? Pale neutrals, such as cream and beige, are best avoided, as they could create a washed-out look.

You can also wear bold patterns with grey hair, so now is the time to dress up in exciting designs if you wish. That said, don’t go overboard on pattern and color variations or they may drown out your features. If in doubt, check in the mirror in daylight before going ahead.

These are guidelines only, as no two heads of hair are the same. What’s more, you may sometimes have a personal reason for wearing a particular color, irrespective of how it suits your coloring. Silver and white hair shades are not discussed here, but generally, the more neutral your hair, the brighter the colors you can wear with it.

When it comes to clothes and the colors you can wear with grey hair, there’s a rainbow of possibilities to suit you now. That’s the special bonus of going grey. 

Whether you have decided to cover your grey hair with brown, black or red or keep the grey and highlight it darker or lighter, the hair colorists at Public Image LTD Salon would love to help you. We have built a fabulous reputation among our clients. We would love for you to be a part of our family and join our long list of happy clients. Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment.