The Perfect In-Between: The Collarbone-Length Haircut

For those looking for a versatile hairstyle that lies somewhere between the chin-length bob and longer locks, the collarbone-length cut is the perfect in-between option. Sitting just above the collarbones, this flattering mid-length style provides the best of both worlds – allowing for effortless styling, movement, and femininity.

The Beauty of the Midlength

The collarbone-length haircut hits a very dynamic part of the neck. It skims the collarbones softly, moving with natural head turns and tilts. This subtly showcases the graceful neckline. The weight of the hair itself creates bounce, body, and beautiful movement. For these reasons, the collarbone length is highly versatile and universally flattering. It complements oval, heart, round, and square face shapes equally.

This chic, mid-length cut also enables further versatility through quick styling. It can be worn sleek and straight, tousled into natural waves, or curled into glamorous ringlets. The length is adaptable to both formal and casual occasions. It exudes polish when blown straight, while messy waves create a more relaxed vibe.

Easy Maintenance

A major benefit of the collarbone cut is low maintenance. Shorter than mid-back length hair requires less intensive conditioning and drying time. The weight distributed along the length gives the hair a built-in body and movement. This means air-drying and natural styling can be quick and straightforward.

The collarbone length is also less susceptible to damage caused by excessive heat styling. The shortened layers quickly style with a blow dryer or curling iron. For further protection, regularly trimming split ends preserves overall hair health.

The length is also optimal for pulling hair back in ponytails, buns, and braids. Half-up styles are easily achieved for getting locks out of the face. The versatility and ease of styling make this mid-length cut an excellent option for busy lifestyles.

How to Style It

Collarbone-length haircut: The perfect in-between

The beauty of the collarbone-length haircut is that it can be worn in myriad styles. Blow dry hair straight using a ceramic round brush for a sleek look perfect for formal events or the office. To smooth, apply a serum to finish.

Soft waves can be effortlessly achieved by air drying lightly touseled locks. Add texture spray for extra volume and definition.

For beachy, boho waves, braid damp hair overnight in a pigtail or single braids. Gently pull apart in the morning and tousle with sea salt spray.

Bouncy curls are perfect for a night out; use a 1-inch curling iron to touch up ends and add body. Finish with a light-hold hairspray.

Low-key days call for a casual top knot or ponytail to get hair off the neck. Slick back upper layers with gel or mousse before gathering into an elastic.

For romantic charm, braid a fishtail or lace braid across the back of the head. Gentle face-framing curtain bangs blend beautifully with this length.

Who Can Pull It Off?

The collarbone-length haircut is versatile and wearable for all hair types. Those with thick hair will love the weight removed from longer locks, reducing bulky heaviness. Medium to thin hair gains more fullness from the layered shape. Added volume at the ends creates the illusion of density.

If considering bangs, side-swept styles complement the collarbone length nicely. Blunt bangs can overwhelm the face with this amount of hair. Face-framing layers and subtle curtain bangs blend seamlessly.

This cut also flatters all face shapes. The shoulder-skimming length helps soften square jawlines. An off-center part and side-swept bangs flatter heart-shaped faces. Oval and round faces suit the framing and balance of the collarbone layers.

Make the Chop!

The collarbone-length haircut is a versatile yet stylish option for those contemplating the next haircut. The flattering length is perfect for adding movement and enhancing natural waves. Low-maintenance and simple to style, it saves time and reduces heat damage. This elegant, feminine cut works for all hair types and occasions.

For beautiful, fuss-free hair, schedule an appointment with The Public Image Salon and make the chop to the collarbone length.