With all of the uncertainties surrounding the spread of the coronavirus, last week, Linda and Steve Perrette, co-owners of The Public Image Ltd Salon in Wayne, NJ, shared with clients the steps the salon needed to take to help maintain a safe and healthy environment for the staff and guests.

This week, unfortunately, it has been realized that further steps needed to be taken beyond sanitizing.

“Nothing is more important to us than the health and welfare of the incredible people who work at The Public Image LTD Salon.” 

As a community-minded business owner over the last 30 years, the salon’s success has only been possible because of the never-ending support received from the community.

In return, Linda and Steve continue to teach the staff on the sound principles of why, as a small business, we are so passionate to give back so much year after year.

To help stop the spread of this virus, in support of the community, on March 17th, we closed our doors. Services have been suspended until April 2nd or until it is safe to operate again.

Public Image will continue with daily communication to staff and clients, through text messages, emails, and through all social networks. We will be answering phone calls and accepting all future appointments to be scheduled on or after April 2nd. 

In honor of our dedication and care for our clients, we are offering a Coronavirus Gift Card

Purchase a $100 gift card, and we will honor it toward $120 worth of salon services through April, May, and June.

We encourage you to go to our website to purchase our Coronavirus Gift Card.

Offer ends midnight 3/31/2020

Thank you all for your support over the years. We truly appreciate it.

Stay Safe!