Maybe you have been loving the balayage look for a while. We honestly can’t blame you a bit. Balayage is a fabulous way to get a new look for your hair. However, most of the balayage models you may have seen all have long hair. If you are a short-haired girl, you may have thought that balayage wasn’t made for you. We think differently at Public Image. In fact, we think balayage might be perfect for women with short hair. Let us explain.

What Is Balayage?

While there are lots of ways to highlight your hair, balayage is more natural-looking. In fact, people may think you were born with those balayage highlights! Balayage is a technique for highlighting hair without foils. With foil treatments, especially with some hair colors, the line between highlighted and unhighlighted hair can be quite severe. In fact, the effect can sometimes be very unnatural. In balayage, we paint the hair with a highlighter to have a more graduated effect of light and dark.

Balayage With Short Hair

With traditional highlights, once you cut your hair a certain length, foils don’t work. That’s because there is nothing to hold short hair in. Since we paint balayage, no foils are necessary. That means that balayage can work on short hair, as well as long hair. You can use balayage on short hair to lighten hair around the face. This gives you a more sun-kissed look for summer. You might also want to choose to highlight a particular feature of your face or haircut with balayage.

What About the Different Hair Colors?

There are several ways we can do balayage for a brunette with short hair. If you have wavy hair, balayage can emphasize the waves within your hair. You can also use balayage to frame your face. You can decide whether to go a lighter shade of brown, or even a honey blonde. This time of the year, it is easy for any brunette to sport a lighter palette!

Balayage for red hair could go in several directions. You could use balayage to add deep red highlights to your hair for a dramatic effect. You could also use balayage with red hair to add lighter coppery tones or darker tones to short red hair. As with brunettes, balayage can add emphasis to a portion of your hair or your face you want to play up.

If you’re a blonde, there are a lot of balayage hair blonde options. It all depends on the effect you want to have. If you are a light blonde, you may want to think about adding strawberry blonde highlights. What a perfect shade for summer fun! You might also want to think about adding ice blonde or white blonde highlights. Also, balayage is amazing for adding color to your hair, such as blues, teals, pinks, and purples. Who doesn’t want to add a little creative color to her summer look?

Darker blondes also have a lot of choices, even with short hair. You could choose to become a golden blonde. You also have color options. Pinks, purples, blues, and teals go beautifully with darker blonde hair as well. If you really want to try something interesting, think about adding light brown highlights, or even dark brown for a different look.

Want to give your short hair a lift and try the hottest trend of today? We don’t blame you. Contact Public Image, LTD, The Salon, in Wayne, N.J., in Passaic County. We can do amazing things with your color! It doesn’t matter if you have short hair or long hair. We will make you fall in love with balayage!