Have you ever really looked at your hair? While you love the style and color, you want to make a change for today. Perhaps you have a special event coming up, and you want your hair to look good for the day. Lots of people attend weddings, concerts, and family reunions this time of the year. Do you want your hair to be top-level gorgeous? There are also times that you feel like being pampered because you deserve it. Maybe you closed a big deal at the office or won a difficult case. You might even be going back to work after you had a baby. Whatever the special occasion is — or no special occasion at all — why not get a blowout at our dry bar? Our dry bar offers a luxury experience for a special blowout and style.

What Is A Dry Bar?

The concept of a dry bar has been around for decades. In fact, women used to go to a beauty salon every week to get their hair washed and set for the week ahead. Your mom or grandma probably did that every Friday or Saturday. Today’s dry bars are a little different. When you go into a dry bar, you are going to get your hair washed, dried, and styled. You don’t get a cut or color.

While people might be wondering why anyone would want to go to a dry bar, it’s actually cost effective. Prices are much cheaper than prices you would normally pay at a hair salon for your style. Also, a dry bar is a great place to experiment with your style. If you want your style to look different than you have during your regular workday, this is the place to try it.

Dry Bar Promo

We want to give our dry bar a shout-out. If you need some treatment and therapy to feel special, this is the place to do it in Passaic County. We will give your hair a luxurious conditioning wash and apply conditioner to give your hair extra body and shine. Our hair dryers and brushes allow us to style your hair with minimal frizz and flyaway. This would be the time to ask your stylist about making changes to your style. Instead of your normal loose waves, perhaps you want a sleek, polished look today. Maybe you normally have a sleek, polished look and you want your hair styled in beachy waves. Whatever kind of style you want to try is OK with us — we love trying new things! After we have styled your hair, then we do something amazing.

The Best Part

Hands down, our clients have said the best part of dry bar styling is the finishing spray. We’re not going to tell you how we use the finishing spray, or what’s in it. We can tell you that people who we style at the dry bar with finishing spray have perfectly coiffed hair. Their hair also will last into the next day — and, possibly, the next. Who doesn’t want that?

Offering Special Packages

Are you looking for a little pampering, and a bit of personal service in the middle of the week? Why not try a dry bar blowout? We can make sure that you walk away from our salon looking your best. After all, where else can you walk into a place with one look and walk out with a completely new look? It’s not only possible, but it’s also magical. Get in touch with Public Image, LTD, the Salon. We are at 1055 Hamburg Turnpike, Wayne, NJ 07470. Check out our special package on our Blo Dry Bar page under services on our website.