Have you ever wondered what your eyelash extensions are made of? As lash bars and salons become more popular, it is important to understand what is being applied to your eyes. Here at Public Image, we’ve just started to offer faux mink eyelash extensions! Let me tell you why the quality and design of these lashes are so desirable.

Faux mink lashes are the way to get a mink look without the maintenance that real mink requires from a client. Faux mink lashes come in multiple lengths and curls, which makes it easy to customize any lash look. We offer both classic and volume lashes so you can get your desired length and thickness. Most people think lashes have to be intense, but they can be as natural or dramatic as you would like! I do a consultation with each client to make sure they are comfortable with the final look!

Do you feel like your lash extensions are hard to the touch? Our faux mink lashes are softer and more flexible than a silk variety. You can run your fingers through them and feel the difference for yourself!

These lashes are head-turning and you don’t want to miss out on living free of mascara this summer! Always feel free to come into Public Image to consult with me or book your appointment!

Stay glowing,

Xx Alyssa