One study found that approximately 70% of women withdrew from activities due to self-consciousness relating to their appearance. While it’s important to build confidence in your natural appearance, sometimes trying out new haircut trends can help.

In this article, we answer questions like, “What is the hair trend for 2022?” and so much more. We also include our favorite Vogue hair trends for 2022 and what they mean for your personal style. From bobs to retro-chic styles, you’re bound to find the perfect hairstyle for the look you aim to achieve. 

Continue reading to find the right high fashion haircuts for the year ahead.

Before answering the question, “What is the hair trend for 2022?” let’s discuss how to find the right one. The great thing about Vogue hair trends is that there is something for everyone.

Even if you find a style you love on someone with a different texture and length, there’s almost always a way to make the style work for your hair. Find the high fashion haircuts you love and let us make it a reality.

Consider face shape and the style you’re going for. Consider accessories and how you want to style your hair before committing to a new haircut. 

Embellishments are going to define your hair cuts for 2022. Think big bows, hair beads, scarves, and barrettes. Hair accessories help you add dimension to an outfit and make an ordinary hairstyle extraordinary. 

Whether you want to achieve a retro vibe with a long bob, big sunglasses, and a hair scarf or add some simple sparkle with a barrette, accessories matter this year.

Go Vogue with Runway Hairstyles 2022, accessories

Bobs are one of the most popular haircut trends and their popularity won’t end with 2021. What will change with the 2022 hair trends is the different options for bobs. 

Regardless of your hair type, there are many ways to rock a bob from heavy texture, side parts, or 90’s layers. Some of the newest styles include carved bobs, angled bobs, and chic short bobs. 

Go Vogue with Runway Hairstyles 2022, bob

Vogue hair trends suggest retro is back in a big way for 2022. Some high fashion hair cuts for 2022 include shags, fringes, curls, afros, and side-swept bangs. The key to this trend is to choose an era that speaks to you.

If the ’70s are your thing, opt for fringe and shags. If you prefer the ’40s, try out a timeless soft curl. Ask your stylist how to achieve a beautiful balance between contemporary and retro to master this trend.  

Go Vogue with Runway Hairstyles 2022, retro

If you like a natural look, hair trends for 2022 are for you. Natural textures are going to play a huge role in fashion for the next year regardless of your natural style. From sleek straight hair to texture curls, 2022 hair trends are about embracing your natural beauty.

For hairstyle trends like these, you need to invest in quality products such as shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. To play up this style, learn how to combine air-dried hair with sea salt spray and build on your natural texture or try a diffuser for quicker results.  

What Is the Hair Trend for 2022? You Decide

What is the hair trend for 2022? The answer depends on your preferences, your hair type, and your dedication. You can make any of the upcoming haircut trends work for your hair with a little imagination and patience.

Want to try out one of the above Vogue hair trends? Request an appointment today.