Who needs a magic wand to cast a spell when you can leave people transfixed by a stunning hair color transformation instead? If you dream about a new look with a new Goldwell hair color, you’re in the right place.

Here, you’ll discover how to find a color that suits your style, personality, and individual beauty. We’ll also inspire you with some of the latest hair color trends. So let’s begin and discover your perfect hair shade.

Beautiful Hair Color Starts With Your Skin Tone

Sometimes a hair color transformation looks breathtaking, even if you can’t understand why. But there is a scientific reason. Chances are, that color works perfectly with that person’s eyes and skin tone.

If you want a beautiful color, you must start with the basics: matching color with your skin shade and eyes. Warm skin tones work well with rich, golden hues. But if you have a cooler skin shade, you want icy blonde shades or ash browns instead.

Your eye color will also influence your choice. You want a warmer shade if you have brown, green, or hazel eyes. Those with blue and grey eyes can find the perfect match with ice blondes and cool browns.

But contrasting with eye color works well too. Dramatically dark hair colors look striking when coupled with pale blue eyes, for example.

The Color Wheel and Finding Complementary Shades

Hair color design shares some similarities with fashion or interior design. It’s all about knowing which colors pair well together. Have you heard of the color wheel?

This wheel graphic will help you find opposite shades of the color spectrum, and sometimes that’s a sensible place to start when choosing a color. This is something a good colorist can help you figure out.

Our European-trained hair colorist team will work on finding color pairs that suit your look perfectly. In addition, we partner with Goldwell Color. Their hair color products blend ingredients like Keretin and Tananu Oil to nourish and treat all hair types. It is oxidant-free for those who want beautiful, long-lasting results without hair damage.

Top Hair Color Trends Right Now

You may be interested in the hot colors now if you are a trendsetter. Here are some fashionable and popular shades to try:

Natural “Lived-in” Colors

These are the just-got-out-of-bed or spent-the-day-at-the-beach shades. They are perfect for an effortless, casual style. For a sun-kissed shade, it means opting for balayage.

You could also experiment with root-shadowing, where natural roots transition into highlighted shades. This style’s bonus is low maintenance, primarily when used with easy-going hair-cutting techniques.

Electric Hues

Perhaps you want hair coloring with a vibrant shade to reflect your electric personality. This Goldwell hair color group of shades includes vivid blues and purples or a Little-Mermaid style bright red.

It includes techniques like color blocking. Or you could add highlights of bright colors for a more subtle effect.

Pastel Princess

Pastel colors continue to shine on the catwalks and look great with all hairstyles. There is plenty of choices available in this category. You can opt for a soft lavender or a gorgeous rose gold. They certainly have the charm to turn heads.

When choosing a color, picking one that is kind to the hair, such as Goldwell, is critical. At Public Image, for example, we only use Goldwell Color, which is gentle yet durable.

Rich Elegance

Warm tones are hugely popular for those looking for a more natural shade. If you have a warm skin tone to match, a chestnut, chocolate, or honey blonde could transform your look. They speak of elegance and sophistication.

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Whether you want drama or a subtle lift, the perfect hair color awaits you. It’s only a matter of finding your match.

At The Public Image Salon, our Goldwell color products are for semi-transparency, color correction, color refinement, complete grey coverage and more.

Our hair services are here to help you sift through the choices. Book a color consultation with our experts. Our European-trained hair-cutting and hair-coloring artists will help you create the desired makeover.

Great hair isn’t born that way; its created by artists.

Hair Artistry is complex, involving hair chemistry and advanced cutting techniques.