We all have mornings that feel more motivated than others. Some mornings you wake up and you’re ready to spend an hour making yourself look polished and perfect from head to toe. Is there anything more frustrating than taking all that time and still being unhappy with your hair?

Your morning routine may be great for shaping and styling your hair. There are certain improvements you can only get from a professional, though. If you’re in need of a hair health overhaul, look no further than the Goldwell Kearsilk Treatment.

What Is a Goldwell Kerasilk Treatment and What Can It Do?

Kerasilk is a unique hair treatment that focuses on giving your hair strength and shine. During the treatment, our hair care specialists use an innovative product that specializes in revitalizing hair no matter what shape it’s in today.

Kerasilk treatments can take hair from dull and listless to shiny and full of life. It can turn damaged, frizzy hair into the smooth, soft hair you used to love.

How Does a Goldwell Kerasilk Treatment Work?

Goldwell Kerasilk treatments use a specialized formula from Goldwell, one of the most advanced and well-respected hair care brands in the world. Their Kerasilk products get their name from their top two ingredients: keratin and light silk.

Keratin is one of the top ingredients for strengthening hair. Natural keratin is a protein that makes up a large part of your hair’s structure. When a treatment infuses keratin into the hair, it fortifies the hair’s structure.

While there are plenty of keratin treatment options, the silk is a large part of what makes Kerasilk so much more powerful. The silk in the formula gives your hair that soft shine we’re all chasing for our hair.

As effective as the silk and keratin are, Kerasilk takes it one step further. The manufacturer offers several specialized Kerasilk formulas, each with a different focus. Whether you want frizz control, a more vibrant color, or an overall scalp rejuvenation, our licensed specialists can customize your treatment for your goals.

Am I a Good Candidate?

As great as Goldwell Kerasilk treatments sound, how do you know if they can help you? That’s the good news: chances are that they can.

One of the advantages of Kerasilk’s customizability is that it can tackle a range of hair concerns. Some of the most common issues Kerasilk addresses include frizzy hair, dull color, and hair breakage.

Still, the only way to know if you are a candidate is to consult with one of our hair care specialists. We’ll be able to assess your hair and determine the best way to give it a healthier glow and stronger structure.

How to Get Your Own Goldwell Kerasilk Treatment

If you’re ready to wake up in the morning and love your hair, you can take the next steps today toward that goal. Call our salon to learn more about the Goldwell Kerasilk treatment and to schedule your appointment.