What Is The Best Hair Color for My Skin Tone?

Changing your hair color can be intimidating when trying a new shade and unsure how it will turn out. However, one trick to know if the color will compliment you or not is to decide based on your skin tone.

Particular hair colors look better with dark, medium, and fair skin tones. If you’re asking, “how do I find out what is the best hair color for my skin tone?” We’re going to break it all down now so you can head to the hair salon with confidence.

Check Your Undertones First

No matter what skin tone you have, you’ll have either warm or cool undertones, which will make a difference in the hair color you choose. To figure out if you’re undertones are warm or cool, check these indicators:

Veins: green veins indicate warm undertones, while blue or purple-ish veins indicate cool undertones.

Eyes: golden flecks indicate warm undertones, while blue or gray flecks indicate cool undertones.

Jewelry: people with warm undertones look better in gold jewelry, while people with cool undertones look better in silver jewelry.

If you have a combo of these answers, you have neutral undertones and have the most hair color options

Best Hair Color for Dark Skin 

Now that you know your undertone, you can decide on the right hair color for you. If you have a dark skin tone with warm undertones, caramel and golden brown will look the best. 

If you have dark skin with cool undertones, you can get adventurous with darker hair colors. You’ll look great with black hair, but adding in chocolatey brown tones will warm it up and add rich texture.

If you have dark skin with neutral undertones, almost every hair color will look amazing on you. Follow Rihanna’s lead and go for a deep red or chestnut color if you want a big change.

Best Hair Color for Medium Skin 

For medium and olive skin tones, you also have a lot of great options. The best hair color for warm skin tone in the medium category is dark chocolate colors like mocha brown.

If you have cool undertones, creamier shades like caramel, cinnamon, and honey brown should be your go-to shades. If you have neutral undertones, true black or espresso shades will highlight your skin tone and add drama to your look.

Best Hair Color for Fair Skin 

Fair skin with warm undertones gives off a peachy look that goes great with honey and strawberry blonde shades. If you have fair skin with cool undertones, you can pull off lighter shades without looking washed out. If you’re feeling brave, go for platinum blonde or champagne. 

The best hair colors for neutral skin tone in this category are warmer red shades like rust or copper. Emma Stone is a great example of a fair-skinned woman who rocks darker red hair even though she’s a natural blonde. 

What’s the Best Hair Color for My Skin Tone? Have Your Pick

Have you been asking, “what’s the best hair color for my skin tone?” Hopefully, your question is answered now, and you’re ready to make an appointment at the salon.

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