Many of us want to look younger than we are. In fact, many women do not want anyone to be able to guess how old they are. We get it. One way that women can disguise their age is to try younger-looking hair color. Believe it or not, there are hair colors that will make you look younger. Are you interested in finding a great new hair color for you that will take years off your face? Here are some great tips for anti-aging hair color.

Think Warm Tones

One thing you can do as an anti-aging tool is to try a hair color with warm tones. Perhaps, in your younger days, you were able to do a fabulous platinum blonde or an icy blonde. However, if you are approaching middle age, you may want to try a different tone. Usually, warmer tones have the effect of lightening and brightening your skin tone. And, this makes you look younger. If you were a platinum blonde, why not try a warmer shade, such a light honey blonde? Redheads who opted for a red with blue tones underneath may want to try a coppery color now. Warm tones can have the effect of taking 10 years off your face instantly.

How to Look Younger with Dark Hair

Does dark hair make you look older? Sometimes it can. However, there are things you can do to lighten up your beautiful dark hair.

Golden Highlights

You do not have to make huge changes to your lovely dark hair. One change you might want to consider making is to add some golden highlights close to your face. These gold tones will help make your skin look younger and more youthful.


You may also want to try the balayage look to add some golden tones to your dark hair. With balayage, your stylist can manually apply layers of golden blonde into your hair for a younger look. What if you do not like the blonde idea? You may also not want to add in blonde for the fall. Do not worry. There is another option. You can also try warm copper tones in your hair. Coppery highlights or coppery balayage can have the same effect as golden tones. And, it will help you prepare for the fall.

Thought of Chocolate?

Don’t like the idea of adding gold and red into your color palette? Why not try a different shade of brown? Chocolate brown and other warm brown tones can have the same effect of giving you a more youthful appearance. Again, chocolate tones and warm browns are perfect for the fall season. Who doesn’t want a lovely chocolate brown sweater or jacket when the leaves start to change?

Chocolate and other warm brown tones lend themselves to subtle highlights or balayage as well. You can incorporate some lighter pieces around your hairline for a more youthful look. You might also want to think about combining the chocolate look with some caramel pieces. Caramel, a light, warm brown, is a beautiful shade to try for a younger-looking appearance.

Weren’t sure that something as simple as a hair color change could have anti-aging properties? Well, now you know. We are here to tell you that changing your hair color means changing your age. And, that is great for us!

If you are not sure what hair color is right for you, why not let us help you? We love helping women defy their age! Contact Public Image, LTD, the Salon, in Wayne, NJ, in Passaic County.

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