If you have grown your hair out, we congratulate you! Growing out your hair takes a lot of patience and perseverance. With that in mind, one of the concerns we hear from our clients is how to style long, layered hair. Clients also want help with long hairstyles with bangs.

What haircuts for long hair are trendy? What are some long shaggy hairstyles for this hair type? Here is a list of hairstyles for long hair and what you need to know to keep your long hair looking beautiful.

Multilayered Long Mix

The multilayered mix is one of the best haircuts for long hair. It allows the hair to flow and move. This style isn’t dull, either. It gives you lots of options for hair styling. There are short, face-framing layers. The stylist would style the rest of the cut into graduated long layers. The advantage of this cut is that it allows you to wear your hair in multiple styles. For example, you could style your hair using the trendy double bun method, with face-framing pieces. The multilayered mix is adaptable for updos as well. What a great haircut for beautiful long hair!

Mid-Back, Long U-Cut

Another option for a cut for long hair is the mid-back, long U-cut. Women with thick hair like this cut. It is a great way to keep your tresses under control while maximizing the volume and look of your hair. If you love the feel of movement with your hair, this is the cut for you. While the multilayered long mix takes advantage of face-framing pieces, the mid-back, long-U cut emphasizes the length of the layers. The cut looks sleek and polished, which means it is perfect for the workplace.

Short, Medium, and Long Layered Cut

One of the best ways to add volume to your hair, especially if you want a shaggy look, is to add layers. Adding some short, medium, and long layers throughout your hair creates volume. If you have hair that is of a medium texture, this cut gives your hair movement. The cut also gives you flexibility with your hairstyles. You can try messy fishtails and regular braids. Messy buns look amazing with this cut, as well. You can even try a half-updo. This versatile style is terrific for the workplace or a weekend event.

The V-Cut

The V-cut allows you to have multiple layers with a twist. The shorter pieces are face-framing and graduate to longer and longer pieces. You can use this style with a sleek office do, a classic updo or a polished long cut. V-cuts look amazing when there are mixed colors and definition to your style. Why not add a V-cut and some amazing color to your fall or winter look? The V-cut works great with formal attire, business attire, and weekend attire.

The Subtle Layers

What if you have wavy hair, and you are worried that layers will be overwhelming? You may want to try the subtle layer style for long hair. Instead of cutting lots of layers into your hair, the subtle layer method will use optical illusions. Those illusions and a few layers create the look of layers without jeopardizing your hair. It is a beautiful look for women with thick wavy hair.

If you are looking for something new and exciting and would like help deciding on the different hairstyles for long hair and what would look best of you, why not give us a call? Contact Public Image, LTD, the Salon, in Wayne, N.J., in Passaic County. For the past six years, Public Image has received Wayne Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Award for “Favorite Hair Salon.” Let us help you find your next great look for your long hair!