How To Do Natural Barrel Curls

Barrel curls are popular amongst many celebrities. They can provide a casual or glamorous look and add volume to hair which most women want. You can get a barrel curl by using a hair iron. The excellent benefit is that barrel curls are not permanent, allowing one to target particular sections of the hair vs. full curls throughout.

Learning how to make a barrel cut can open up a path to a new look for you. It is easy to accomplish, and once done, it can be worn for all types of occasions; work, school, parties, hanging out and more.

Before we discuss how to do natural barrel curls, let us explain what they are.

What are Barrel Curls?

Barrel curls are oversized, loose spirals or ringlets of hair ideal for medium to long hair. Now we will simply explain how to achieve them with an easy bulleted guide. But first, ensure you have hair pins or barrettes and a hair curling iron.

How To Do Natural Barrel Curls

How To Do Natural Barrel Cuts

  1. First, thoroughly shampoo hair.
  2. A leave-in conditioner or heat protective serum can be added to help prevent damage from the styling tools.
  3. Completely dry the hair leaving it tangle-free.
  4. Now that the hair is ready to be curled, it can be done, with a roller set or for a faster method a curling iron.
  5. Part the hair in the center and divide into sections.
  6. The sections must be thinner than the curling iron barrel.
  7. Clip each segment with a hairpin or barrette.
  8. Test the curling iron to ensure it is at the right temperature. Use a damp cloth and clamp within the curling iron. If you see smoke, the iron is too hot.
  9. Once the temperature is correct, begin curling the hair that frames the face first.
  10. Comb through the section to ensure it remains tangle free.
  11. Spray the section lightly with hairspray to hold its shape.
  12. Clamp the hair section into the curling iron and slowly slide the iron down to the tips of the hair.
  13. Now, slowly roll the hair up, stopping right before reaching the scalp.
  14. Hold for five to ten seconds or until hair is entirely heated.
  15. Slowly unwind the iron while twisting the wrist to release the hair from the iron clamp once the section is completely unwound.
  16. Repeat all sections until the desired curl is achieved.

To Achieve The Right Effect

To get tighter barrel curls, slowly slide the iron down the hair and for looser curls, slide the iron down quicker. After you complete the steps and your hair sections have cooled down, continue to brush out to widen curls if preferred.

Do You Want To Get Barrel Curls Professionally Done?

If so, you are certainly at the right place. Now that you know how to achieve them, perhaps you want an expert hair stylist to do it for you. No problem, the hair stylists at The Public Image LTD Salon would love to. Contact us to learn more or to schedule a hair appointment. We love creating beautiful voluminous barrel curls and other hairstyles best suited for our clients.