Get Natural, Wavy, Beachy or Glam Curls

Are you in the mood for a makeover? Want to change your look for a special occasion? The right curls can give you an instant transformation and with minimal effort. Learn how to get natural curls, wavy curls, beachy curls or glam curls easily by implementing some of these tips and tricks:

Natural, Wavy Curls

How To Get Natural, Wavy, Beachy or Glam Curls

One of the easiest ways to liven up your look if you have straight hair, is to give it some texture with some natural, wavy curls. There are some great techniques to get a wavy look. 


When your hair is still damp, apply some mousse or sculpting foam, then braid your hair. Lots of small braids will give you a groovy 70’s crimped look, whereas fewer, bigger braids will give you a more subtle wave. You can start the braids as high up towards your crown as you like, but to give your hair some bounce on the ends, start the braids from the nape of your neck. Use a blow drier to dry the hair, or sleep with it overnight. Once cool, unbraid and separate the waves with your fingers.

Flat Iron

You can use a flat-iron to create natural, wavy curls. Grab random pieces and pull them through the iron, twisting it at the same time. You can also use a technique, where you wrap the hair around the flat-iron and pull it through at an angle. Play around with this to create different kinds of waves. The most important step is to hold the curl up or pin it to your head as it cools, otherwise the wave will just fall out. 

Let’s Get Beachy

Beachy waves for curly hair are fun to create, as this is a relaxed look where anything goes. The whole point is to look like you have spent the day on the beach, and have tousled, mermaid inspired locks. This is where product comes into play. Enter sea salt spritzer.

Salt Sea Spray

Braid your hair in any way you prefer. The most important step is to then spray the hair with a sea-salt spray. The salt will aid in the formation of curls and waves in the hair, that look particularly beachy. Scrunch the product into your hair and let it dry. 

Pony Tail Braid

This technique gives you beautiful waves overnight. Flip your hair upside down and start your braid right at the top of your head, making sure that you don’t pull it too tight. When you wake up in the morning, take it out carefully and apply a volume texturizing or salt spray.

Glam It Up

Glam curls require a bit more finesse to get right, but there are some simple tips you can use to achieve this look in a pinch.

Curling Iron Techniques

Learn how to get glam curls with a curling iron. For voluptuous curls, use a large size wand and wrap the hair around in larger sections. Be sure to hold the curl in your hand after you have released the wand so that it cools sufficiently and spray with KMS Firm Finishing Spray so that it sets. Use sculpting foam before you start, to give the hair a better hold.

Round Brush and Finger Spirals

This one doesn’t require you to have a curling wand. Take sections of hair with your round brush and as you dry it, curl the hair around your fingers into a spiral. Clip this to the head and apply KMS Firm Finishing Spray. Once cool, release the hair from the clips and brush it out gently to create beautiful Hollywood-style, glam curls. 

So there you have some simple ways to get naturally wavy curls, beachy curls and glam curls. Would you like some help achieving these great looks. Schedule your appointment with The Public Image LTD. Our hairstylists are here to help you get the curly looks you want.